UK: Cannabis users will no longer be prosecuted

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Digit, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. wtf!"! AAARGH! copy and paste no longer works on my pop's puter! aaargh!

    okies.... i'll type out the link then...


    it aint legal, it aint even decriminalised, nor has it yet been reclassified... but we'll get there. legalisation is the only sane and sensible choice.
  2. no its class c now, enless the new ppl are lying(wouldn't be a first). they have their new silly laws that make no sense but we can only get a warning so there u go
  3. nope Dr, not so. Blunkett fuckwitt went and delayed the official reclassification until Jan. this is just the rest of teh UK catching up with Scotland. for a while up here Cannabis has been teh Police's "lowest priority". so theres still no REAL change in the law, only about how it is enforced.

    on the BBC news tonight i saw the greatest lie i've ever noticed be told on UK TV.

    a woman said that this move was very dangerous and used Holland as an example of how bad heroin use would get here, claiming that Holland has far more junkies! WHAT FUCKING BUUUULLLSHIT! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    i'm trying to find the reight place to write to the bbc with this,

    I am absolutely disgusted. for a while i considered the BBC to be fairly honest. But just tonight on the news i witnessed one of the greatest lies ever. It was blatant, damaging and riddled with political agenda. can you say "propaganda"?

    I'm talking about the woman who said that in Holland there is a greater Heroin abuse problem than over here. this is complete rubbish! Holland has one of the lowest junk problems in the whole of the world! according to the latest figures i recieved, the average age of a heroin addict in holland is 42 and rising yearly. this means there are no more young people taking up the habbit. this is almost entirely due to the tollerance of cannabis in Dutch law. Correct me if i'm wrong, but is the average age of a heroin addict in the uk not something in the teens!? so, i'm curious as to how this woman could claim their problem is worse. more so though, i am curoius as to how the BBC could let such a dangerous lie such as this to get out. I DEMAND a broadcast appology AND re-iteration of the TRUTH! Such acts of blatant propaganda should not be allowed to be broadcast on UK telivision, especially the BBC. I find it humerous that Channel 4 is far more "the peoples channel" than the BBC. why should we pay for our licenses if we are only to recieve propaganda of this sort. I will be forwarding this letter to various organisations and we will be watching and waiting for the appology and correction of the erroneous information.

    but they dont make it easy to give them feedback really. all i want is a simple fucking email adress... but noooo... they have to have ten dozen different forums for feedback. where the F am i supposed to go? aargh!
  4. This just renforces the fact that political people realy have no fucking idea whats going on... If you realy want to see a group of political jackasses check out the dea website ( ) and click around. these guys are useing "facts" on herb that have been repeated sence the thirties... you would think a "top-notch" political power could at least come up with more rediculous lies for the pro legalization people to prove incorrect.

    Politicians have their heads up their asses...
  5. Digit, Looks like very good may not be legalization, but as you said, we're getting there.

    Even though the gov & media pump out disinformation, the people are pretty aware of the truth of this topic. The establishment is just clinging to the status quo for the moment. However, the tide has turned and time is on our side. Don't forget that lasting change is that which comes slowly. As long as we keep making steps in the right direction we will prevail!

  6. i see all these articles about how other countries like the UK and Canada are making weed less of a crime or sometimes not even a crime at all. Then i see that the U.S. is making it even more of a penalty or spreading more propaganda...its just sad that we have to be so stubborn and what the people really want and what is best for them is not even taken into consideration
  7. this will be a real test for Blair and the labour party to see if he really is just bush's poodle. can he carry forth the (rather weak and slighty different) proposal of reclassification in teh face of big Sister's disatisfaction of the fact. ie. will blair bend to pressure from america after teh tewowist amendments to teh patriot act? or will he simply fob it off and leave it for the torries to deal with next term of gov.

    .... uhh... did that make sence? ... me V stoned. :D

    its a shitty time in the world.
  8. Hi ,,,,,ok if we got caught growing the plant under this new law what would happen i guess that you would get a fine on each plant???????



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