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  1. Yo! Right most american songs I hear talk about there weed been sticky and that's how they want it. In the uk everyone wants there weed dry which I prefer as well grinds better and you get more out of your deal. What you saying US? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Sticky with those trichomes nuggggggggaaaaa
  3. Yeah that's what my kif catchers for :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Come to the us and you will find out we got the dankest nugsbgycfmb
  5. The USA has better bud on average, and this goes to show you how that is true because sticky bud is always high quality.
    Dry on the other hand might mean it isn't the freshest buds.
    So you must be from the UK because there is no way someone would say dry bud is a better than sticky bud who had access to both.
  6. Sticky buds are where it's at. Dry nug just turns to powder. You want those nugs you can press to the wall and they'll get stuck there.
  7. UK here, I know people who will deliberately dry their sticky bud out....
    I prefer it sticky.
  8. True, but I will admit on the flip side sometimes scum dealers will dry their shit out and then make it damp with water or other adulterants to make it weigh more.
    Luckily usually you can tell the difference between sticky shit and shit some douchebag got wet so he could rig you off.
  9. ....hemp is sticky. Its really a stupid, meaningless way to judge quality
  10. I have had plenty of dry buds that were really sticky. I just dont like it turning to dust dry...
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    Dry can just happen from obviously sitting out which isn't dated people complain when's it's too dry.. Snd I ask wouldn't you be getting "more" then?If you cure dry and store bud correctly you'll never know the freshness
  12. You can get dank in both countries. I know dealers who only sell sticky dank shit, and sell dry dank shit. I'm pretty sure there are people in the US who have the same deal. I'd say it doesn't depend on the country, it depends on the dealer.
  13. dry bud = sticky weed a month ago
  14. Yeah it always get more out of my weed if it's dry, grinds up better less clumpy some of the time I get smoke it's sticky but a few of my dealers always advertises the fact it's bone dry I thought during the harvesting your supposed to dry it out any way? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sometimes bud will be sticky but still crumble so nicely in the grinder now that is nice. But when the bud is so stick you can stick it to a wall, urgh no thanks I'd rather the dry but even that can still be too dry, not nice when it feels brittle and crumbly in your hands.Basically you can get too sticky and too dry but the in between is where its at ;).
  16. Yeah I agree! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Luckily I've never had wet weed, had some nice sticky sour diesel earlier mmmmmmm.

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