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uhm...can you say purple?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by YouSuckDude, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. photohop?
  2. That looks edited to me
  3. 'Tis yours? Post harvest pictures...
  4. i can say blue
  5. i can say edited

  6. no its not mine my friend sent it to me on facebook...ive never seen this picture before so i decided to post may or may not be edited lol i honestly have no idea...regardless its :eek:
  7. Looks amazing, and if it isnt edited..:eek:
  8. haha dude that is definitely photshopped I'm 100% sure.
  9. If it's edited, that's a good job and it looks awesome.

    If it's not edited.... :eek:
  10. Omg Omg oMg...That Looks Sick In a Good Way:rolleyes:...i Approve Of This Thread
    +rep I've Been Saying That ALL Day:D
  11. shopped without a doubt

    that1emokid, lol
  12. lol the photobucket username is a joke trust me im far from emo haha
  13. Agreed.

    LOL it's not a good job at all. I looked at it for 2 seconds and knew it was edited.

    *drool, thank you sir, you just saved this thread from eminent death!
  14. uhm...can you say photoshop? ;)
  15. Man I'd Kill For Some Bud Like This:D
  16. Purple:D

    Attached Files:

  17. The bud I have looks damn near the same as that :eek:. I love me some purple.

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