Discussion in 'General' started by Big Bad Voodoo, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. hey i just bought some cough pills only has DXM hbr 15 in it and like on the bottle i notice it says non narcotic formula wtf does that mean it is untrippable and stuff?
  2. who knows?? drink a lot of it and get back to us on that one............. and then drink some more and after that throw it all up and wash it back down with some more god damn caugh syrup you fliping nuts little children.. STOP drinking that shit it isnt made to fuck u up.. pot is
  3. I doubt it won't make you trip, I think that would have been in the media somwere before being introduced to the market.
  4. if they are Robbitussin Coughgels, they'll work fine.

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