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  1. I just started growing about a month ago. I live in an apartment so its kind of hard to keep the light completely hidden. I have some friends over, that all smoke of course, and they ended up finding out about it. Everytime they come over i always do the same "dont fucking tell anyone" but you never know...and Im paranoid. I know! I broke the first rule, Im fucking retarded.

    So I go to pick up my girlfriend one morning, real early about 7:30 or so and theres a cop just sitting there outside of my complex but across the street by the back door of a shop. initially i was like fuck! but my girlfriend said it probably had to do with the shop, so whatever right? the next night i had some friends come over to smoke, probably about four of them. they left about 11 at night and called me saying there were a ton of cops across the street. Of course after they left my girlfriend and i went to my car and left. we came back about twenty five to thirty minutes from the store and all like 10 cop cars were gone. of course i was freaking out like sweating but my girlfriend kept saying it was probably the shop. okay so my girlfriend i can trust shes my fiancee but my friends are just normal people to me, i mean theyre trust worthy but they might gossip and gossip leads to fucking gossip. I have done a lot of research on this tonight and found that cops need a warrant to do thermal imaging, that they have to be on public property to do it, and that they do it in the morning and in the evening. Well its been a week or so since i saw those cops and i havnt seen a hint of them since. No knocks on my door, no phone calls, no nothing.

    I dont deal. And I dont plan on it. I made this very apparent to my few amigos. See I trust these people because I am a paranoid person, I dont like people. I have few friends so thats why I trust these people, who else do i have to trust right?

    Since they need a warrant to take thermal imaging (if they were doing that, does it sound like it or am i being sketchy??? I mean who shows up at a closed store at 10 or 11 right?) Plus if they were staking me out would they really come in droves of 10 cruisers to kick back? The first time was only one cruiser, the second time was about ten.

    More info, I seriously have like..no plants. So far I suck at this and theyre tinny sprouts. If they were taking imaging at that time I was running stock aerogarden lights which arent big. Now im running a 125 w and a 200 w cfl one for veg and one for flower. This seems much more conspicuous to me.....but like I said no more signs of cops.

    Could they use a device to pick up on my conversations from a distance??

    FYI If I were to ever get busted Ill post a thread when I get out on bail and say peace. I hate this fucking country, so if they do I like Mexico a lot. Good old fucking george jung, without the dealing. Also I think I'd be the first person ever to get busted over 4 or 5 sprouts.

    I shouldnt utter the words busted! FUCK!!!
  2. You have nothing to worry about bro. If they were trying to bust you they wouldn't have ten marked cars chilling across the street. Thermal imaging won't bust a closet grow with a couple CFL's, either.
  3. I think you'll be OK, just sing along with this one, and relax.:)
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBbAZVw3_7A"]YouTube - The Kinks - Destroyer[/ame]
  4. You need to either kill the grow up. or kill your friends. It's your own fault though for not being stealthy enough, just don't let people into the room you're growing in. lock the door.
  5. I knwo this sound ridiculous but ive been up all night trying to find out things about laws and so forth...basically just freaking out. ive been losing sleep over it even ive gotten real sick in the last week probably from the stress. I should have posted this issue a few days ago but I have a bad habit of obsessing about things quitely. Thanks a lot guys you donno how big of a weight just lifted
  6. And by the way good idea Al very fitting man, My Sharona is up next, with a fatty of course. I need to celebrate the fact I didnt buy an HPS
  7. kill all your friends, you'll sleep like a fucking baby once you know your safe and they'll pushing up daisies while your memory grows hazy.
  8. so in your opinion they are up to something?
  9. Hahah hell yeah..but who to talk to?:smoking:
  10. How did they find your grow?
  11. 1. There's no way the cops had anything to do with you
    2. Maybe you could move your grow to another closet and tell your friends that you ditched it?
    3. To address the thermal imaging stuff, you are right, they need a warrant. However.....as we all know cops can sometimes fuck you over and there are known cases where cops run thermals over houses without warrants and take note of which houses they think are growing. Since they can't use that illegal information to get a search warrant, they will say on the warrant that a fake informant told them about the grow to get the judge to approve it. For your case, however, I wouldn't worry about thermals on a little closet grow.
  12. You're fine man, don't worry about it. However, to be real honest, I wouldn't let those guys back in until you've got the grow completely concealed. When they ask what happened let them know that you really just couldn't deal with the stress of looking over your shoulder all the time so you ended it.

    I made the mistake of showing my grow to someone I considered a real good friend a few years back and then not even 2 days later I have random ass people calling my phone asking if I'm good with selling some herb. Fuck that. Tore the grow down for about 3 months and told that fucker to stay away from me.

    Now only my wife knows, and she enjoys the spoils of it all too much to go running her mouth. In situations like this you really gotta trust nobody.
  13. Wow... Dude...

    Grow ops in apartments are sniffed out very often. Some apartment complexes have cameras installed inside to make sure you don't damage the house (rare.)

    To do thermal imaging, the police usually go outside your house. All they need to do is point a camera at your house and take a few pictures. That may have been why there was a cop outside your house. They usually go outside your house if they can't get permission to send out a chopper (usually only with suspected dealers or huge grow ops.)

    If they have a warrant to heat scan your house they most likely have a warrant to tap your phones. I'm not saying they have either, but if they get one, most likely they'll get the other.

    Get out while you still can. Growing is a felony.

    Don't talk about it on the phone, dont text about it, dont talk about it out-loud.

    Worst of all its an apartment... You dont own the property so the local cops could easily get the cooperation of your apartment complex to search your home or put in bugs (sound recorders, cameras, etc.)
  14. Also, you might want to make a story.

    Next time your buddies come over be like "dudes, you know those plants I was growing? My grow light broke so I had to trash them."

    May want to add in something like "growing is too hard, I wouldn't do it ever again!"
  15. All of this is incredibly unlikely. Apartments CANNOT have cameras in individual units to record for damage WITHOUT express consent. I'm pretty positive the OP doesn't live in one of these places, which are almost, if not completely eradicated in the US.

    OP, again, you most likely have nothing to worry about. The lumens you're pumping out are far to small to be detected by thermal imaging, and in the case that they could detect something you wouldn't still be sitting here talking to us.

    Move the grow, tell your friends you trashed it, and then let nobody else know.

    Everybody else stop messing with the OP's paranoia. Shit isn't cool.
  16. i thought using thermal imaging was illegal and doesn't count as evidence for a warrant

    but thats why i dont grow cuz i know id fuck something up and get caught

  17. Seriously dude? Ya, small grows can get busted, but do you really think the police are going to run a full 24/7 bush-era surveillence on some guy they think is growing bud in his closet...lot bigger fish to fry dude your makin me laugh
  18. I third the "hide the plants and tell you friends you trashed em", then tell noone.

    but if your that paranoid, just flush em. you might lose a few plants but you said they were seedlings anyways, you could always try again.

    Good luck!;)
  19. lol. dude ur fine. even if u did get busted its not a huge deal anymore. if ur over 18 its just like a $100 fine for under an ounce. but i dont think u have to worry about getting busted for 4-5 sprouts lol DEA agents and shit are more after big time dealers and shit not some kid who smokes nugs
  20. your paranoid.the cops wouldnt stake out in pack of 10 across the street, the grow is in your closet and if they were staked out theyd be looking so see if your slanging outside the complex and theyd be undercover/hidden. theres a reason for them outside the shop and its NOT you. fear does nothing at all for you or me if your in fear you pannic,if you panic you cant logically handle the stressful situation.overcome your fears.if you can somehow trick your friends into believing your grow was jacked or died or you got rid of it then that will bring you much security.

    happy growing!

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