Uh oh.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BONGZILLA420, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. I was walking with my friend Shane and we were ripping my bubbler with no water in it as we were walking. Well all the sudden he says cop and about 15 feet is a Cook County cop. So I put my bubbler in my pocket and wait for him to put on the lights. We walk pass the car and nothing happens. It was a close call and I was going to run when if he hit the lights.
  2. Crap, that must've killed it. Or made it that much more interesting. I would've had a friggin heart attack... The closest I've gotten to a situation like that is having a teacher go 'Are you ok?' while I'm baked at school...
  3. Owch. That reminds me about the time in a busy street we sparked up a pipe and my friend blew it in a cop cars window with the cop in it, but he was on the phone. That was enough to make me run like hell.
  4. Damn close call. We've run from Skokie cops before on foot...right through the side of a large park haha. They shined their flashlights on us and told us to stop what we were doing and they put the top lights on. I saw a door open on the car, but was too busy running to see anything else :) I had too much weed on me to lose, as well as a bowl, as did my friends. We were too fast and we knew the area too well to get caught by a couple fat pigs on foot.
  5. Blew smoke out the window at a light with a cop on my side :p
  6. Nice escape man. It always gets my adrenaline going when I see a cop and I know I'd be totally busted if he stopped me.
  7. dude, when i first started toking, i was NERVOUS if there was a cop within 500 feet. now, if im smoking on a joint and the cop is driving in the opposite direction of me, i just hide the j in my closed palm and wait for him to pass by. that and i get an adrenaline rush in case i need to dip into some backyards on his ass.

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