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  1. I've been growing for about a week and a half now and a couple of my babies are wilting over. Each of the lights are powering 200 except one that is powering 120w. The water I use has monster grow mixed inside, and I water them about once a day or just when the soil is dry. I used miracle grow soil. It looks like a sativa plant, so I'm guessing it just needs more light but I don't know. Any suggestions? Any advice on my setup?

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  2. I'm just making a guess since I've not grown any plants yet but... I don't think you're supposed to be fertilizing them babies yet and I know that watering once a day is over kill. While the dirt may seem dry on the surface it could very well still be damp deeper down. Keep in mind this is what i've picked up after reading other posts and I'm just offering a quick anwser for you.
  3. could be your lights, what kind u usin?
  4. they're normal 200w flourescents, thanks for the quick response, i have them on 24/7
  5. do i have to use distilled water or can i just get it out of the sink?
  6. Your lights are fine. Stop fertilizing immediately. Does your MG soil have time release ferts or any ferts in it? Water only when you stick your finger an inch or more deep and it is dry or, when you lift up the cup and it feels much lighter than it was when you first watered it. Rain/distilled water is best for the plants but, if your tap water good you can use it. If the tap is very chlorinated, leave the water that you are going tom give her out for 24 hours before watering. also, get those lights closer to the plants. They should be 2-3 inches from the tops of the plants.
  7. yay, I was right hehe now I just need to get some plants going:smoking:
  8. This is chromblazed, they do have ferts in the MG that are timereleased thanks for the answers
  9. your MG may be the prob. time releasers -iguess- arent allathat good .. i have success with the MG thats continous release ..... there are posts that frown on the stuff and claim it to burn n slowly kill .... ive never had this..... you might be one of those that do....:(
  10. those plants look a little whispy, too, i would get a fan blowin on em. and move the lights a little closer, i like your light setup though, very crafty. good luck and enjoy!
  11. thanks. I've got a fan blowing on them but it seems to only blow the back three babies. I want to start watering with water from the PUR filter I have attached to the sink is this ok?
  12. It's been about 11 days and I have yet to let the water filter out. When should I do this? How long until I should transplant them? When should I start to see the gender of the plant?
  13. how big (in watts) of an hps should i get for 5 flowering females each 2'-3 foot tall and topped only a few times.
  14. Are you sure those lights are 200w, or are they listed as equivalent to the light output of a "regular" 200w bulb? Most cfl's list two wattages on the package, the actual wattage of the bulb and the wattage it is supposed to replace. Big difference.
  15. ye they're supposed to only take up 42w but power out 200w.

  16. If you are never going to do more than 5 females I would say go with the 400 HPS. You will be able to EFFICIENTLY light 5 plants in large pots under it. PUR water filtering is fine.
  17. i planted in mg that hasw time release junk in it. can i replant to better soil or will that cause too much stress?
    mine are a week old now and are no where close to these plants. could that be from the soil?

  18. Yes. Get them out of that crap ASAP. Transplant into some organic potting soil or something without added fertilizer.
  19. Started to get yellow leaves what could this mean? Some leaves have been drying up and crumpling still looks healthy though. They're 18 days old. Time to re-pot soon? I water them with a spray bottle about 20 sprays a day or every other day. Enough? No ferts. 24/7 lighting.

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  20. Did you get them out of the MG time release soil? If not than what you are seeing is fert burn. Some of them look pretty stretched out as well. Get your light closer; if lights are flouros then it should be 2-3 inches from tops.

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