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Uh Oh

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TooStoned, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. was hangin out with a couple of my buds in my room toke'n and the MOM walks in hahaha that wasn't too good, but i didn't want her to think she scared me so i just lackadaisically let the smoke drift out of my mouth, and waited for her to say something. she wasn't too mad, just disapointed i think, which is sometimes worse. oh well what can you do? apparently i had a surprize drug test coming up this week cause she had been suspicious already.
  2. lol. You just exhaled while she stood there? Thats fucking awesome. Talk to her and tell her the truth and shit.
  3. haha yeah, i don't really care, i was gonna tell her after break, i just didn't wanna tell her before incase she reacted in a bad way, but she found out a little prematurely haha.

    i established a new bond with my mom tonight, i went downstairs and had a good talk with her, and mid convo i pulled out my piece, and gave it to her, pointed out all the places that were changing color, and then after examining it, she handed it back to me.

    i don't know what it was about that, but it felt fucking Great! im really glad i was honest with her and shit. now she just wants me to let her known when im going to be smoking. i wish it was legal, the only part i feel bad about is her having to worry about me getting caught by the law :(

    poor her :( fight the good fight everyone! haha
  4. she wants you to tell her where youre going to smoke?

    what if she thinks you smoke too much and tries to get you to quit?

    Well I guess you could always just not tell her.. heh. :D
  5. My dad caught me smoking, he was disappointed and made me feel guilty.... Oh well, I'm over it.
  6. ya that is pretty badass
    right when u said taht i pictured somoene doing it haha.
  7. There was an influential thread going and Luke had to add that~ hAH i'm stoned

  8. (long quote...)

    dude, that is awesome. just gave it back...way awesome really. i gatta say that was pretty cool of your mom. similar thing happened to my friend. bubbler fell outta his pocket. his mom's like "i think your smoking too much" gives him a hug and leaves the room. mom's always seem to be more understanding. my dad is more niaeve than anything really.
  9. My mom found out too. I told her the truth since i knew i was caught and it would be fucking dumb of me to deny it, lol.

    I still dont tell her when i smoke though, that would be kinda awkward. She told me i cant drive high (eh fuck that rule) i cant drink (whatever i dont like drinking much anyhow) and something. OH yeah and i cant deal drugs. Lol. Thats the best rule.

  10. haha that sounds jsut like me...she also knew my brother smoked, and i started hangin out at his place alot more as i started drivin and got older. im sure she knows by now, and im always high when i talk to her when i come home...but i dont admit it when she asks. she told my brother she didnt like me driving home from his house stoned...i cant help but think the whole thing is hillarious

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