Uh oh Mr. President!

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  1. One day, Bill Clinton was walking around the white house, and he looked out the window.
    He noticed that somebody had written "Bill Clinton Sucks" in the snow with urine.
    Instantly pissed (no pun intended), Bill summands the Secret Service to investigate.

    After the investigation, the secret service returned to the President to report their findings.

    "We have bad news and worse news" said the agent.

    "Well, what is it?" Replied Bill.

    "A urinalyses reveals that the urine belongs to Al Gore"

    "Oh, My!" Bill exclaimed "and what is the worse news?"

    "The handwriting is Hillary's"

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  2. that is sooooo old, but it is a classic

  3. Hey! I've never heard it before. I figure that all Monica jokes probably aren't brand new.

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  4. my dad told that joke to me about nixon. it gets passed through all the presidents. its still a funny joke.

  5. OMFG bill clinton joke lmao
  6. [​IMG]

    This thread is Ancient !!!
  7. posting in necrothread for lulz
  8. haha. agreed

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