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Discussion in 'General' started by Stoooooner, May 24, 2006.

  1. I seemed to have forgotten I am no longer at college.

    A friend and me just cruised lake shore drive and smoked a blunt of some crazy Skunk I brought back from Kansas followed by two bowls out of his bubbler.

    I am high as a kite ripped, and I have to go eat to dinner with my mom in TEN MINUTES. Shit...my eyes are like little slits and what you can see of them are red as hell and glossy. Man I hope I can keep my cool....wish me luck blades...
  2. i do it everynight
  3. haha that blows... best of luck man.
  4. [quote name='Emohnke']I seemed to have forgotten I am no longer at college.
  5. hahaah put some visine in and tell us how it goes...don't eat too much
  6. yeah I hit the visine and kept my cool, lol. Man I was so blazed at the restaurant, I took like 5 minutes to find the bathroom, I got lost and got sidetracked looking at a TV over the bar. Anyways haha it went fine, smoked a bunch more tonight with some friends and played some games and whatnot.
  7. sounds fun as hell emohnke......so are you out for summer then?
  8. worst part about being high, not that my parents dont know i smoke, however the do like to fuck around with me when i am high.
    Last night i was at a friends house, his mom is re-married and he has younger siblings. His 8 ear old sister read one of his IMs and told his mom what it said. His mom is pretty young like 35 and she knew we were blazed when we walk in, and she goes wow how can you guys even see with all those trees around here. or something like that, it was pretty funnny. Then she made us some good food. So even though being high around parents is bad, at least you dont have to eat garbage ass school food.
  9. yeah when i moved out of my dorm a couple weeks back, we went ofr a drive smoked like 6 bowls between 4 people then i had to checkout with my RA, she knew cause my eyes, but i told her i just smoked a cigarette but she didnt care probably happy my stoner ass was gone, then i had to pack all my stuff into my dads truck while stilled stoned off my ass, it was fun as shit, and yeah i would do it again, best part was i was laughing the whole ride home cause we were listening to Am radio about illegal aliens and they were going at it and i was like damn that guy on the radio really doenst like mexicans, it was the best ride with my dad i have ever had

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