Uh oh crackin down on the schools

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by special_zed, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. So......summers approaching for us still in HS and then i am done wahooo. Heres the thing though. Last week at my buddys school there was a big bust out in the smokepit.

    Cops dressed up as lawnmower guys and other random looking people and so they had one girl go up to some people in the smokepit and ask "hey guys you got any dope i could buy" so ofcourse not thinking about it a few guys pull out there bags and ask what she wants. So as they pull out the bags cops start pouring in through the bushes and come in with undercover cars and just bust people left and right.

    I know it didnt happen at my school but supposebly their cracking down on all the schools around my area sooo i think im just going to stop smoking at school for these next couple weeks instead of risking it and fucking up my whole summer.

    So i dunno my schools usually really chill about bud but afterthis people should watchout. Just a heads up so it doesnt end up to any of you guys....i live in B.C. lower mainland area so anyone around there who is still in highschool just keep it on the low so you dont end up getting fucked like some of my buddys did
  2. that is so fucking gay.
  3. that wuold suck so much
  4. Where exactly do you live in BC?
  5. Things like this piss me off, The government should have no right to decide that a plant is illegal, or what any person puts into their own body.
  6. That's so fucking stupid. Hey, lets waste 10 cops time by making them bust some kids smoking weed, instead of having them out on the street taking care of dangerous criminals. Sounds logical to me.
  7. what a bunch of stupid fucking morons (the cops). This is what i just hate about police and shit, they lie to you just to stop you from doing something that isnt even affecting anybody but yourself. Why dont they do something more productive with their time? sounds like those cops just need to sit down, and enjoy some weed.
  8. Its our own fault for allowing conservatives in power. :(

    It'll get better again in four years time.
  9. Not that i like what the cops did AT ALL, because it was entrapment and a ridiculous thing to do anyway..

    but you shouldnt take weed into school anyway. Its just not worth the risk.

  10. where in the lower mainland special zed? im out in south surrey. our smoke pit is lame anyways so i never go out there.
  11. good call though, just be patient :)
  12. I would never pull out my bud if someone asked me to buy some 'dope'? what stoner calls bud dope?
  13. i thought dope would be cocaine or heroin, not fucking weed.
  14. at my HS their were drug busts everyday and I don't even live in a big city,but I was always careful and never smoked on campus
  15. I couldn't fucking agree more! There are these chicks I hang out with at school and they call everything "dope". What the fuck!? I hate that, I was like, "Don't said dope yo, that makes it sound like we are bootin black tar heroin, say weed, chron, or pot:D." Of course they didn't stop cause they love that word, I guess it's something to do with making them look cool. Because they always say stuff like "So your mom knows you smoke dope now?", I just wanted to say, "Well she doesn't know I smoke dope, but she DOES know I smoke weed!"
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    they did this at my old high school this year, and every year before this one on 4/20. they bring in 10 cops and 5 or 6 drug dogs and have them sniff every single person's car in the entire school, even teachers. (that has got to be crossing the line)

    they only ended up busting 2 kids for bud. one for bud and a pipe and one for a grinder he thought he lost. and a couple of underage kids with cigarrettes in their cars.

    so all in all they busted 2 kids and 10 cops walked around our school all day instead of doing their real jobs, to serve and protect.

    not search and destroy.

    search and destroy futures that is.
  17. yeah if someone said can i buy some dope? i'd be like bitch i dont sell drugs, I dont sell dope, Now leave my presence! You are not worthy!

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