Ugly chick getting hotter. What's this phenomenon?

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  1. So whats it called when you see a girl and you're like no way i'd bang her. But then you start seeing her a bunch more and you start to think hmmm maybe i should hit that. Then you see her even more and even though she hasn't really changed she seems to be getting hotter and then you're like damn shes hot i gotta hit that.

    I was watchin a tv show (dont know what it was (possibly how i met your mother because it sounds like something barney would say or when it was) or when it was) and they had a name for it that i thought was funny as hell, but its kinda happening to me so i was trying to figure out what its called.
  2. Desperation?
  3. usually thats some opportunity ass. she wants you and you eventually cave in and hit it
  4. its called a whiteout your sperm level over loads your eyes causing you to go blind then you hit all of them
  5. The mermaid theory - a theory if you see the same ugly chick every day all day eventually shell become buetiful lol
  6. Once a guy is considered not my type(wouldn't say ugly), he generally stays friendzoned forever no matter how horny I become.
  7. puberty suspect?
  8. Beer Goggles?
    Thinking with your dick?
  9. Yes thats it lol.

  10. this is why we despise the friendzone
  11. I hate it when I see a girl today that really liked me in high school but she was ugly or fat back then and now today she's hot as fuck. Then I'm like fuck... If only in had got together with her back then I could probably still be with her today. You'd just have to ride out that ugly fat ass bitch phase.
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    usually happens with the combination of getting to know her and having desert dick

    edit: for me i mean
  13. haha happened to me so much in high school. and girls from my school i've seen since.
    but now you aren't in high school, so chicks finally realize sex is all that matters in this point of life. so go for it
  14. damn i didnt know they had a name for it. Definalty happend to me before. Sorta weird.

  15. Damn, that's deep. How did you know that? :smoking:

    I was just gonna say maybe its her make up...

    For me, it's the other way around.. I'll check her out and be like "she's pretty hot"... then a little later I'm saying to myself "what the fuck was I thinking, I need to get out of here"
  16. thats psych101 my son, specifically social psych, Interesting course. I recommend you to take it

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