UGK - Underground Kingz

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  1. this cd is dropping tueseday evrybody go buy it, its their first album in 8yrs

    its a double disc and from what i have heard so far is great

    any other UGK fans out there anticipating this album?
  2. Ima deff peep it.

    Pocket Full of Stones has been played all the time since the early 90's.

    UGK's a couple bosses.
  3. buy that shit dude, dont d/l it suport UGK
  4. i dl it. i only cds ill buy is from Styles P or Jadakiss, there my *****s
  5. STRAIGHT FIRE as I've said before.
  6. hell yeah the cd is gunna be hot

    3 stacks killed them on international players anthem tho
  7. yes he did
  8. UGK has some pretty sick beats I like the one that one of them are in chunk up the deuce it is a paul wall beat for sure but it is really nice

  9. I think its only been six years but i already heard the cd its straight fire the intl players anthem with Three Six Mafia is my shit
  10. im about to go buy the album on my lunch break ill report back when ive givin it a good listen


  11. exactly
  12. I haven't skipped one song on the cd its that good.
  13. 'swishas and dosha' is my shit

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