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ughhhh,so i really need a T break and its about to happen

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by strangecloud420, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Well guys, I'vee been smoking all day eveeryday for about 2 years now, I'v tried multiple times to try and take a T-break, but it is very hard for me now. I'm quite sure the reason behind that is, well, I'm a stay at home father, and i have ALOT of times on my hands, so when I'm not smoking it hard for me to keep my mind off of thinking about how much better I would feel, and how much more enteretaining my day would be, because lets face it, being a stay at home father, smoking takes up quite a large part of my day honestly. But, im about to relax early this morning, and roll my last gram of blue dream in a blunt, smoke it, and hopefully be on my way to a lower tolerance. I'm aiming for a week, because i know how hard its been in the past when i tried to take a T-break, but if a week rolls around and all the bad withdrawl symptoms are gone (not bing able to sleep, a bit irritated, ECT) i might try to go a bit longer. Please guy's wish me luck. Give me some tips, something.  I'll most lilkey keep this post updated as well, ill probbaly spent a lot of time on here reading........damn i got this guys!
    Ps. i quit smoking cigarettes  cold turkey last august 2nd after 10+ years of smoking!!!

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    Grats on quitting cigarettes, just resist the temptation to smoke them..alot of people I know who quit cigarettes went back to smoking after a couple years of quitting.
    On the's gonna be difficult but if you don't have any weed in the house it will be easier.
    I want to take a t-break as well but I have more than a half ounce of dank right now so I don't think it'll be happening honestly.
    Edit: I also found in the past that playing video games or keeping yourself occupied will keep your mind off weed. Coming on this site looking at pictures of dank nugs definitely wouldn't help :laughing:
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    eah, idk man, i knew the day i put cigarettes down i owuld never pick up another one, I had tried quittin an uncountableable amounn of times. but that time i knew...... oh and about this site is probablt true, was gonna ttry to use it to kill some time but you're probably right!
  4. im about to pjckuo 2ozs of some killa.
    premium,best of the best one hit put you in a ditch/calm in silence

    Yes thank you grower greenthumb

    Oh and im about to go on a t-break after two bong rips (1 gram=4-6 rips)
  5. Gl dude. Try to keep eating good even if it's hard... get exercise, and do things to keep your mind busy
  6. May the force be with you
  7. Always.

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  8. you good man. that blunt sounds like a damn fine way to say adios for a little while. stay occupied
  9. Good luck bro I'm nearing the end of a three week T-break I've been trying to take since october. I guess coming on here might make you want to smoke, but for me personally the only thing that gets me through T-breaks is looking at weed shit online. Last t-break I took the entire time was filled with Pineapple Express, Half Baked, and R3dband.

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