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  1. my roommate doesnt approve of weed, i really wanna smoke and go back to bed, but he wont leave the goddamn room.

    sorry for the pointless thread, im just really pissed off
  2. There is this crazy thing people do, its called walking outside, sparking a bowl, then walking back in.

  3. W0rd!
  4. i live in a dorm. that's not exactly a good idea considering ive been arrested for smoking in public HERE
  5. Smoking in the dorm is risky too. But fun :D I've seen people get the cops called in on them.

    Make a cigga weed and only make the first 1/4th of the cig weed. That way it looks normal and by the time anyone can come over or get cops it's all tobacco.
  6. i smoke in the dorm all the time, its not a issue, its just cause hes here man.
  7. Lock him in a room when he sleeps and bake the rest of the dorm.
  8. go find a new smoking buddy, go out to a car, dude there are always places outside ya can be outta view go look for one
  9. i smoke outside my dorm all the time, and im right near campus pigs little security post.. if you have a car then ride around campus or off it.
  10. Got a friends room to toke in?
  11. Go smoke a J outside. Seriously dude, its not that suspicious, nor should you risk smoking in your dorm.
  12. tell him its your masturbating time and you need him to leave:confused:
  13. go in the bathroom with a sploof and fan on. feel me?
  14. same exact situation here man.

    ^ do this.
  15. that sucks man
    i would never room w/ someone who wasnt down for something as harmless as blazing
  16. I know this wont help you now, but invest in one of those pipes that look like a cigarette. They're a godsend. Then you can to take a little walk

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