Ugh life sucks

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  1. Hey grasscity i just need to kinda vent/get this off of my chest. so basically 2 years ago i found out that i had a tumor inside of my tibia. it really fuckin sucked and i was homeschooled for like half of my junior year in highschool. I am actually really really lucky though because it is a benign tumor so basically i do not have cancer:eek: so about 6 months ago tho i met up with my surgeon to get catscans and mri's and a bunch of other bull shit and basically i might have another tumor in the same place. i might end up dropping out of college if i have another one because i wont be able to do anything after surgery and on top of that i am not going to be able to play the sport i love which is lacrosse. I am also worried to though because i am afraid that i will become addicted to it because i ended up snorting a shitload of my pills all the time even though my parents had tried to hide them from me i found them like a drug dog :( but in all seriousness please send me some good vibes/spark a bowl for me in these hard times. thanks for listenin ill post a picture of my scar eventually because it looks pretty damn cool haha. Keep it really GC :wave:
  2. I have 2 benign ones in me right now. Chronic pain 24/7 and the opiates to go along with it. I can empathize and it does really suck.
  3. Life sucks. This bowl is for you.

  4. Yeah i feel you on that, i caught mine before it turned too bad it was a little smaller than a pingpong ball. I honestly have to say though that tokin makes some of the pain go away. im just really afraid of getting addicted to oc ya know?

  5. hahaha thanks for making me laugh better be a fat bowl lol:hello:
  6. blaze the pain away bro.

  7. i have been trust me lol
  8. Dude, you were the first sperm out of millions of sperm racing to be born!
  9. sending good vibes ...... NOW :smoke:

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