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  1. I dont know about anyone else, but I've always had a huge interest for UFO's aliens, alien abductions/contacts, etc..

    and recently I've been reading a book about a shit load of alien encounters, including people who have had conversations with aliens :eek:

    Some really scary shit... I mean if you dont believe in aliens, read this book and you sure as hell will by time you finish reading it. What shocks me the most is how EVERY single encounter of a UFO or alien/alien abduction is so similar to one another. It's more than just a coincidence...

    is anyone else into UFO's and extra-terrestrials and what not? And have any of you ever seen a ufo at all?

    I'm pretty sure I've seen one before, I was tired so I'm not sure but both my parents are 99.9% sure they have. Walking on the beach and a huge triangular shaped craft flew very slowly only 500 ft above them, made no noise whatsoever, thats scary shit.

    anyway I'm probably rambling... so any stories?
  2. I don't believe in 'UFO's' but there is definitely other life out there.
  3. book name please.
  4. fasho, I believe in them. and aliens. my boy and I listen to coast to coast am radio station every night. check it out!
  5. Book name is "Alien Encounters" by Rupert Matthews. I really suggest at least giving it a look, they have em at my local barnes & Noble
  6. According to an encounter with an alien that a Spanish businessman had, there are 120,000 other forms of intelligence in our universe, and that not all of them have achieved "interstellar travel".

    But there are many other civilizations like ours, even some in our galaxy that are far more advanced than we are.
  7. Somekind insists:

    You MUST SPELL the craft: UFOs

    It's an acronym, and everyone knows that acronyms are all caps. Plus, it's not possessive, it's plural. Plural doesn't take apostrophe no matter how many times you write it.
  8. i'm 100% positive there is no such thing as alien abductions. Alien abductions are a result of people that have mastered astral projection, they can change their shape and they abduct them while they're dreaming, and they terrorize them to get a laugh.

    you don't have to believe me, its your choice. but this is the truth
  9. Greetings,

    If you take the time to read the contents of the following links, you'll quickly deduce my opinion on the subject.

    First, start off by reading and bookmarking this site:


    This is a decent but thorough summary of the topic of UFOs and Alien Abductions: http://www.skepdic.com/aliens.html

    For a more indepth analysis of these claims I highly recommend the following books:
    • The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark, Dr. Carl Sagan, IBSN: 978-0345409461
    • Abducted: How People Come to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens, by Susan Clancy, IBSN: 978-0674018792

    I hope this helps you investigate these claims with a little more skepticism.

    Yours Truly,
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080730/wr_nm/britain_hacker_dc
    i found that most interesting..
  11. I appreciate the links, and I read up on some of it, one thing did catch my attention however...

    on the www.skepdic.com link, something I found pretty... ignorant, to be blunt;


    alien abduction

    [SIZE=-1]"...despite the fact that we humans are great collectors of souvenirs, not one of these persons [claiming to have been aboard a flying saucer] has brought back so much as an extraterrestrial tool or artifact, which could, once and for all, resolve the UFO mystery."[/SIZE] Philip Klass
    "Aliens, if an when we find them, could be so alien, so different from humanity as to undermine the meaning of any exchange we might have, or even make such exchange impossible." --Henry Gee
    There is a widespread belief that alien beings have traveled to Earth from some other planet and are doing reproductive experiments on a chosen few. Despite the incredible nature of this belief and a lack of credible supportive evidence, a cult has grown up around it. According to a Gallup poll done at the end of the twentieth century, about one-third of Americans believe aliens have visited us, an increase of 5% over the previous decade.
    According to the tenets of this cult, aliens crashed at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. The U.S. Government recovered the alien craft and its occupants, and has been secretly meeting with aliens ever since in a place known as area 51. The rise in UFO sightings is due to the increase in alien activity on Earth. The aliens are abducting people in larger numbers, are leaving other signs of their presence in the form of so-called crop circles, are involved in cattle mutilation, and occasionally provide revelations such as the Urantia Book to selected prophets. The support for these beliefs about aliens and UFOs consists mostly of speculation, fantasy, fraud, and unjustified inferences from questionable evidence and testimony. UFO devotees are also convinced that there is a government and mass media conspiracy to cover up the alien activities, making it difficult for them to prove that the aliens have landed.
    It is probable that there is life elsewhere in the universe and that some of that life is intelligent. There is a high mathematical probability that among the trillions of stars in the billions of galaxies there are millions of planets in age and proximity to a star analogous to our Sun. The chances seem very good that on some of those planets life has evolved. It is even highly probable that natural selection governs that evolution (Dawkins). However, it is not inevitable that the results of that evolution would yield intelligence, much less intelligence equal or superior to ours. It is possible that we are unique (Pinker 1997: 150 ff.).
    We should not forget, however, that the closest star (besides our Sun) is so far away from Earth that travel between the two would take more than a human lifetime. The fact that it takes our Sun about 200 million years to revolve once around the Milky Way gives one a glimpse of the perspective we have to take of interstellar travel. We are 500 light-seconds from the sun. The next nearest star to Earth's sun (Alpha Centauri) is about 4 light-years away. That might sound close, but it is actually something like 24 trillion miles away. Even traveling at one million miles an hour, it would take more than 2,500 years to get there. To get there in twenty-five years would require traveling at more than 100 million miles an hour for the entire trip.* Our fastest spacecraft, Voyager, travels at about 40,000 miles an hour and would take 70,000 years to get to Alpha Centauri.
    Despite the probability of life on other planets and the possibility that some of that life may be very intelligent, any signal from any planet in the universe broadcast in any direction is unlikely to be in the path of another inhabited planet. It would be folly to explore space for intelligent life without knowing exactly where to go. Yet, waiting for a signal might require a wait longer than any life on any planet might last. Finally, if we do get a signal, the waves carrying that signal left hundreds or thousands of years earlier and by the time we tracked its source down, the sending planet may no longer be habitable or even exist.
    Thus, while it is probable that there is intelligent life in the universe, traveling between solar systems in search of that life poses some serious obstacles. Such travelers would be gone for a very long time. We would need to keep people alive for hundreds or thousands of years. We would need equipment that can last for hundreds or thousands of years and be repaired or replaced in the depths of space. These are not impossible conditions, but they seem to be significant enough barriers to make interstellar and intergalactic space travel highly improbable."

    What kind of claim is that to say interstellar space travel is impossible? What do they base this off of?

    I can't begin to make a case for myself, as it's all pointless without proof... especially on the internet :p

    But at least hear me out, look into the book I listed above... I think you'll find it pretty interesting..
  12. dude ufos are like the CIA's prank. Almost all seemingly legit alien encounters coincide with the CIA or the military testing stuff, so they act like they are covering up an alien abduction when they are actually testing some kind of spy plane.

    Now bigfoot, on the other hand, is totally real.
  13. So the Loch Ness Monster's book was right!
  14. I've seen a few UFO's in the past month actually. I sit outside at night at around 3 in the morning smoking and i always love starring at the stars when im high and in this past month I've seen 2 that were very close with no sound what so ever just cruising by. It had 3 lights on the bottom and it circled around the bottom of the UFO. It was like a triangle of lights on the bottom each a different color. Then what i see A LOT is circles of light that look like stars but they move around the sky. I've seen one almost ever night im out there. They do zig zags threw the sky. Like it will zig zag to one area and sit there for a few minutes than all of a sudden it will zig zag upwards VERY VERY fast to a different spot and then sit there for awhile.
  15. You need to listen to Coast to Coast. The AM talk radio show comes on late at night, and no matter where u live u can find it. It is all about ufos and conspiracy theories. Ull love it.

    look it up... The show is called CoasttoCoastAm with either Art Bell or George Norry. The host depends on the day of the week.
  16. i'm sure most people would consider me a crackpot for my belief's, but i personally believe that aliens are actually "gods", the christian god even is an alien

    i believe that an alien civilization found earth on the outskirts of the universe where it would not be bothered much, and altered the genes in primates to match with their own to some extent, thus creating us.. i mean its not a far fetched idea at all really, seeing as we humans are actually starting to advance in genetic engineering altering the traits of other animals

    and people act like space travel beyond our solar system would be impossible due to how long it would take, but thats a very shallow way to think.

    just because the average human only lives to be around 80... does not mean that 100 is as old as anything in the universe can live too... i personally believe that certain ETs live for thousands of years, and with that kind of lifespan 20 years in their perception of time would be like 20 days to us.

    also people think that there is absolutely no way to fuel a spacecraft to travel that far, and yes by our current fuels it would be, but whose to say that there arent even elements out there that dont exist on earth, where a tiny pindrop of it could propel a spacecraft at extremely high speed and for many many miles

    when you think of aliens in terms of where we as humans are at in the evolution process yes it seems impossible that aliens would come to earth because "we're so stupid compared to what we'd think of as an advanced alien, why the hell would they possibly want to observe us"

    but personally if i was an advanced genetic engineer (which actually i just thought about, that would be a fucking awesome occupation) and i created some kind of altered advanced new species of animal i would want to observe it all day n all night because it would be fascinating to study it, regardless of if it was much more stupid than humans
  17. It might be because I'm blazed, but this makes sooo much sense.
  18. "This all makes perfect sense!"


    But no, I really do believe there's advanced lifeforms out there...what are the astronomical odds (no pun intended) that this is the only planet with life?
  19. Do you live in a rural area?

  20. yea i know, thats exactly what i thought when i read about it from that point of view, but it also coincides with my religion so that influenced it to some degree as well, because its the only religion that doesnt claim its god to be some magical all-mighty being who created everything, but rather a being (or group of beings rather) that created us through scientific means

    i also think that the christian bible has some level of truth to it, but instead of the isrealites following the almighty "god" in the form of a cloud during the day and fire at night, it was actually a UFO, and while its running the exhaust it puts off is thick and looks like a cloud, and since they didnt have lightbulbs back then, the only way they could describe light is by fire, since fire was the only light (other than the sun) they had 2000 years ago

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