UFO in Shanghai, China. Self blogged. May 14, 2011

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    Today, May 14, 2011 in Shanghai, China

    At around 10:15 fireworks started going off. Me being my curious self, went on my balcony. I could only see the flashing of the fireworks. As I was looking at the flashes of the fireworks, it came to my attention that there was an object, presumably a UFO, hovering above the city. It had strobe lights.
    They are in a vertical triangular formation. It almost seems as if they rebuttal each other's lights, perhaps a form of communication. These UFOs do not move like a helicopter nor an airplane or even a blimp. They hover moving occasionally side to side. But not like a helicopter, they glide. They do not move vertically but only horizontally to Earth's surface.
    The top one of the three was blinking very quick white lights in between two red lights that simultaneously flashed slower than the inner lights.
    The middle object flashed blue lights. A little bit dimmer than the bottom and top.

    The bottom one is flashing blue, white and red lights. (Perhaps fucking AMERICA!!) but in all seriousness this was no aerial vehicle ever produced by man.

    Now, the middle one just hovered closer to the top one. It is now out of formation and below the top one. The bottom one is not detached from the group and moving away from my location. It is now blocked by high rises.

    TLDR: shut the fuck up, read it all.

    pictures will come in the morning.
  2. Nothing to worry about, that's just the Chinese J-20.
  3. incorrect. shit was real and i have pictures to prove it.
  4. there is only one left now, strobing blue and white lights.

    EDIT: took another picture of the singular blue object
  5. You say ur in shanghai china yet ir location says orange county cali..? Lookin forward to pics

  6. Upload them
  7. yes sir I am in Shanghai, I will even take pictures with a sign saying "GC UFO" with the WFC building in the background if people doubt me
  8. If you had pictures, you would have already posted them.

    Pics or GTFO.

  9. I was being nitpicky idc where ur from. When you gonna upload pics
  10. There were some apparent UFO sightings in China over the summer last year. I wonder if they are of the same origin... It is interesting that they would come so close to the city, you know?

  11. scrambling the cords together now.
  12. should be interesting if for real...why were people setting off fireworks....to wake everybody up/look outside?

  13. yo dude, i know you probably had a prime position from that spot of yours.. They seemed to be above windows may a little bit farther down HuaiHai going away from pudong

  14. it is possible but the Chinese periodically light off fireworks so it didn't take me by surprise just wanted to look at them but turned out seeing something 10x cooler.

  15. Ill be waiting:smoking:
  16. How long could it possibly take to upload some pics and show us some proof?
  17. Maybe its a weather balloon. Post the pics.
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    Is this your first time encountering UFOs?
  19. Just post the fireworks man before i call troll

  20. kindly click the red X on either the top left or right of your browser, that attitude is not need in my thread

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