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UFO #1-4 Dinafem freebie seeds questions

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by floridagrower, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. hello, i am new to this site and had a few questions. I decided to try my green thumb and am starting my 1st grow soon. (Yes im planning on making a journal with pics). I wanted all auto-flowers and attitude had some good choices so i went with LA Diva, AK48, and Blue Himalaya. When i ordered they gave me 4 freebies

    UFO#1 Dinafem Seeds Diesel
    UFO#2 Dinafem Seeds Blue Hash
    UFO#3 Dinafem Seeds White Widow
    UFO#4 Dinafem Seeds Blue Widow

    Are these auto-flower seeds as well? I tried looking up any info or grow journals with these seeds but couldn't find much just a link to attitudes site that said was no longer available.

    thank in advance :D
  2. No, sorry none of those are auto strains. The UFO's are different, but Attitude should still be selling these. Click Seed Brands, Dinafem, then sort my name and you should find info on all of them. Good luck with your grow man! Never heard of La Diva so I will have to check it out. The Blue Himalaya has some good reports in the smoke report area. You may find some growing tips for the BH as well there.

  3. Here's my order that recently "dispatched":

    Order Inventory:
    Product: Nirvana Seeds Northern Light Feminized
    Options: Feminized Seeds Per Pack - 10 Seeds
    Quantity: 1
    Product Code: NIRI69/NSFEM34
    Price: $73.95

    Quantity: 1
    Product Code: FREE SEED
    Price: $0.00

    Quantity: 1
    Product Code: FREE SEED
    Price: $0.00

    Now, I'm not 100% on this but I think that you have to order fem/autos to get those types of freebies. I tried putting various strains in the cart to see what freebies they'd give with each and that's what I came up with. :smoke:

  4. all the strains i ordered are auto fems, thats why i was so confused. i figured they would give freebies of different strains but same characteristics. This blows since i wont be able to use them lol. this only means 1 thing, i must get a bigger grow room for them! after this 1st run i may get a 2nd tent for the big boys and keep my auto set up. idk wishful thinking for now.

    waiting on tent and light (coming in tomorrow) then journal should be up! i hope GC will be able to help me through the grow since im rightfully nervous.

    thanks for the info!
    - FLgrwr
  5. The freebies they offer change from time to time. Seems like about every two weeks. The freebie you get is not based on what you order, just what they are offering for each price tier at the time. For example, if you like to do autos, right now they are offering an auto for the first two tiers. If you ordered a month ago, none of the 5 freebies were autos. Think of the freebies like McDonald's Happy Meals, sometimes you can get a batmobile, sometimes you get a Pokemon. It has nothing to do with whether you got chicken nuggets or a small burger, just what they are offering for the given promotion. Additionally, it's free so who is to complain? Personally, I would not rearrange my entire grow operation over a single freebie. I got a G13 Northern Lights Auto as a freebie and the other 39 seeds were photoperiod (non-auto). I sure as heck am not going to reinvent the wheel over a single seed. I will save it until I either get a few more freebie autos and make a single grow of it, plant it somewhere and hope for the best, or stick in front of a window this summer and hope for the best.
  6. Makes sense. If you ever want to explain something to a stoner just equate it to McDonalds haha. And ill take any free seeds and smile i was just hoping to throw a few more into my next round of autos.

    And right now im starting my 1st grow relatively small from what i want it to be so it would just be speeding up my expansion. But i don't want to do that until i get the basics down with a smaller crop. I am only using 1/4th of the room i could be for my project.
  7. my ufo's i just recieved today were dinafem auto haze fem and a diesel fem really looking forward to growing the auto's just to see whats up. i got 2 of the auto's as it was buy one get one free not sure how i got that deal when i didn't purchase the dina's but hey i'm not bitching on freebies
  8. Theres blue widow going around my area and its STRONG potent buzz that makes you feel like you smoked 5 joints after a hit and your eyes get all chinese eyed feeling and their hard to keep open and if you cant fight it you just pass out. Not sure if its dinafem but I know the grower and he gets his seeds online so more likely it was this. I'm growing it out now too so I can definitely compare it with his and yours later down the road.
  9. i hope the strain your talking about is the same one i got as a freebie
    gotta love the attitude
  10. Hell yea man, any feedback on my journal would be great once I post it up! When I do get my final crop ill definatly be posting a smoke report on all my babies
  11. autos are the only way im gonna go next time. im on my second auto grow now and still have fourteen freebies of big boys waiting but im getting ready to do a couple prob the barneys strains. cause the blue mammoth was awsome. stll is .... so was the kush ryder , got the pinapple express g-13 , and little cheese dina, looking great. keep on keepin on,.
  12. eh? 14 month old reply?

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