UFC Undisputed 2010

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  1. Anyone else going to get it at midnight tonight? I can't wait to play this game
  2. no, i wish i preordered though, i wanted those extra 4 fighters :/
    hopefully they put sum dlc this time round
  3. ^There will be DLC roster updates

    I got this at the midnight, and played in the local tourney to win some prizes:D

    I was whoopin ass on everyone at the gamestop tourney but got flash KOd in the final fight:mad:

    Im very frustrated with the new career mode. I was hoping for some major changes and that is what they sold me on, but its the same old crap with an annoying stat decay system that does nothing but frustrate me.

    I cant connect to xbl yet in this game. You have to enter a code to be able to play online but it won't even let me enter the code. Very annoying.

    The KO seems to come even easier than it did in the demo which will probably make most people scared of i (I sure am) and take the fight straight to the ground.

    There isn't as much diversity between the fighters as I would have liked.

    The stand up doesnt seems to require too much skill. It has more to do with whoever happens to get that lucky flash KO (ALWAYS happens before the end of the 1st)

    Overall im pretty disappointed with the final product. The demo was great and I enjoyed all the new aspects but the game as a whole is really letting me down. I cant even play online yet or download my gamestop fighters and its really pissing me off.
  4. I hated the UFC games since day one, it just isn't real enough for me.

  5. Agreed! It just seem's to slow to me when you go to ground and the controls are blah. Don't think a UFC game will ever work though since there is so many available options on offense and defense not like just boxing or a Tekken arcade style fight game.

    I did play the game last week prior to release at a convention and thought it was enjoyable and looked good; but could not see myself investing money into it or even downloading a free demo.
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    ^You guys watch MMA?

    The game does a very good job imo of representing every aspect of an MMA fight.

    Only major problem I have with the gameplay is how they handle submissions. I think they could have made that a much more complex system. Maybe prompt you to move each part of your fighters body at appropriate times to either escape or complete the sub (turn head to left/right, turn hips in/out, ect)
  7. Yeah big fan of MMA and UFC in general; but as you mentioned with submissions you would expect something more complex. Basically in MMA style fighting you have so many options.. especially when your on the ground, that I don't think it could ever be covered correctly in a game.
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    Yeah I think wed need 3 hands and some extra buttons to completely cover every aspect of an MMA fight.

    I dont think other sport titles are any closer to representing their sports than UFC 2010 is for mma

    EDIT: so I finally got my XBL code to work, but my gamestop fighters code doesn't work at all.

    Online multiplayer is fucking broken. I can't even connect to a game. It's just as bad as the first.

    I guess Ill just be doing local matches with my buddies.
  9. ya i hear ya on being mad about the career mode, the decaying points makes me not even want to play career
    the flash KO's are pretty bad but tolerable it always happens when im playing on expert and the computer hits me with a combo then i throw a punch then they counter and flash ko me everytime almost
    last night i couldnt get online either my code didnt work im going to try it in a few though
  10. I am going to get this today and if anyone wants to start a fight camp add me on PS3 my game tag is imortalinc.
  11. It's all just too slow paced like, reguardless of how "real" it is, it's never going to give me the satisfaction of watching a UFC fight, just like playing GTA doesn't give me the real satisfaction of killing an old woman, getting the money out of her purse, and driving around town for 6 hours that I don't even remember.
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    ^ I dont think it's slow paced. Most MMA fights are MUCH slower paced than the fights in this game.

    The online matches are laggy as hell.

    Just like last year.

    Very let down by everything except the actual gameplay ::rolleyes:

    Another thing that is really bothering me is the lack of offense from your back.

    There are almost no fighters that have sweeps, or rubber guard, or anything offensive from the back and your CAF cant ever learn sweeps.

  13. Dude there's some fast paced MMA fights out there, did you watch the Korean Zombie vs Leonard Garcia? That shit was insane
  14. Picked this up earlier today, love it. I knoe theres a tourney in a couple weeks here so ima spend the next week in tutorial and win that ishh :devious:
  15. I wish they didnt have the black ring girl do the narrative for the classic fights. Shes TERRIBLE.
  16. IF you get your stats to 30 50 or 70 then they wont decay below those numbers. The fighting itself can be satisfying but submissions should have been done better. To get the code to work to go online you have to do it from the xbox dashboard under the marketplace tab Redeem Code option.

    Overall the game is a little better then 09 but still flawed. I'm lookin forward to EA's MMA game I like the fighters in UFC Undisputed better but think EA can make a much better sports game than THQ
  17. thq could have improved this game in alot of ways but they didnt. i hate how right when you ko someone you cant even throw an extra swing or hit them until the ref puls you off it just seems so unrealistic when you ko someone in the game and then a mili second later the fighter puts his hands up it pisses me off
  18. You can sometimes. Sometimes the refs stop it early and sometimes they let you hit the guy with 5 extra shots.

    Shogun Machida 2 was like that. As soon as shogun saw machida was out he stood up and threw his hands up before the ref even came to stop the fight.

  19. ^ damn shogun is a beast

  20. I mean when you ko someone on the feet, im not talking about a ko on the ground i no you can hit them a bunch of times on the ground in the game, but when your on the feet and you throw a bunch of punches and get a flash ko it stops all other punches immediately after you ko them, and before the fighter can even hit the ground your hands are up.

    Remember when Rashad KO'd chuck? Rashad hit him with the overhand right to knock chuck out then threw a lefthook just missing chuck as he fell to the ground. you should be able to do that in the game

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