UFC Season 3

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. Well, season 3 is here.

    I for one am excited. Everybody loves the feud between Shamrock and Ortiz.

    1st fight of the season is an ass-kicking served fresh by a Canadian fighter from British Columbia. Guess that BC Chron makes you a tank. haha.

    Anybody else follow the show? The fights? MMA in general?
  2. Im Pumped for this season, the feud wit Ortiz and Shamrock, i can't wait til they fight :D
    Anyways, yeah this season looks like theres some better fighters, although the old guy Kristian or w/e he's just out of shape, too old.
  3. Hell ya UFC is sick
  4. I'm a HUGE MMA fan. Although personally I think Pride gets better fights. I wish MMA wasn't seperated into federations like "pro" wrestling. I'd rather see every fighter in the same pool. Alot of the greatest fighters around have been turned off by UFC and won't fight there.
  5. im hookedon ufc...gracie vs. hughes is what im waiting for

    rasta when are we gonna see your debut? :D
  6. i watch it, but follow it no more than hockey. when my buddies put it on, ill watch, but i dont care to watch it myself.

    seems rediculous to me. i really dont find it all that entertaining. ive been in many fights myself, it was never that fun.
  7. oh man oh man oh man, the most dangerous man alive has my money to the T! god i love this shit. is there anyone else out there that cant watch pride or ufc or superbrawl etc. sitting still? i always jump on my feet and start moving around, my suitemates hate it haha.

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