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  1. predictions?

    liddel by KO
    shogun but forrest actually has a chance in my opinion because 1) no soccer kicks(one of his fav techniques) 2) the octagon may pose some problems he's foreign to 3) frist fight jitters
    sanchez and fitch is going to be a good fight. im rooting for diego
    machida vs nakamura. close fight but im going to give the edge to machida
    thiago tavares by sub
  2. Jardine over Liddell
    Shogun over Forest
    Thiago over Griffin
    Machida over Nakamura
    Fitch over Sanchez
  3. Liddel's gonna win.
    Forest Griffin is gonna win.
    Diego Shancez w/ the win.
    Don't know about the other fights though...

  4. /Second.
  5. i dunno man i dont really see how jardine stands a strong chance against liddell. i havent seen too much talent come from the ultimate fighter besides sanchez
  6. That is how I would *like* to see things turn out. However, I think Jardine and Fitch will be the underdogs in their matchups.

    UFC is my crack :smoke:
  7. This is PPV right?
  8. yeah its ppv. also im down with jardine over liddell. ufc has proven time after time that for the most part the underdog comes out on top. Ive made some feria in the past fights with luck but idk if im going to bet on jardine this time, i think i will though; scared money dont make money
  9. I have high expectations for shogun in the UFC, supposedly if he beats griffin he gets a title shot against rampage and its no secret that chute boxe fighters are his kryptonite.
  10. UFC is half-assed.

    Why don't we just go all the way and bring back gladiatorial combat?

    Swords, maces, morning stars, tridents - all of it. It would make watching it much more exciting.
  11. WHATS GOOD, JARDINE JUST FUCKED UP LIDDELL, kick after kick and SHOWED MAD HEART. went to decision but he pulled it out AKA i got some extra feria in my pocket mang. bout to pack a bowl and chill. CHEEE GO JARDINE, got his back on the next fight too
  12. Yup. It was badass. All my guys won. I made about $50 bucks on my bets. Liddels time has come. As a matter of fact a lot of the big shots have recieved a reality check lately i.e .cro cop, liddel, shogun, and hughes. The times are changing. The level of sacrifice that it takes to be a winner has risen.
  13. Idk man, hughes is gonna be whoopin serras ass for the title comin up, but i dont know how well he will be able to defend it.

    I still woulnt mind seein liddell/wandy fight, I think there could be potential for a good match.

    Shogun will be back and better I believe

    Crocop is done
  14. Man I didn't think Jardine would beat Liddel... Last time I saw Jardine fight he lost in the first round. But then again last time I saw Liddel fight he also lost. I knew Forest Griffin would win, he is a beast.
  15. wow i cant believe shogun lost. how does the #1 ranked LHW lose to a guy who got TKOed by jardine?

    chucks time has come and gone. sucks that chuck vs wandy is probably not going to happen now
  16. qft, I had high hopes for shogun in the ufc. Never really been impressed with forrest.
  17. I don't know how forrest keeps pulling em out. mad heart must be the answer or I just don't have eyes to see his skill. Shogun is no punk though, and no question griffin hung right with him till the end both standing and on the ground. gotta give props.

    It probably hurt Chuck's pride to lose a decision to Jardine. I mean you can say a guy got lucky if he knocks you out with a single punch, but it was clear to me Jardine dominated Liddell round after round. I think the Iceman is capable of beating Jardine, he just needs to get his head on straight first. Rampage on the other hand...

    Sanchez annoys me. Bring on more Nick and Nate Diaz :)

    I had fun watching tonight, gonna finish this blunt and hit the hay.
  18. I think everyone would still like to see Chuck vs Wenderlei. I know I would.
  19. and chuck would get his SHIT ROCKED.
  20. possibly, wandy was ko'd in his last 2 fights against hendo and crocop so anythings possible.

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