UF Student tasered at John Kerry Speech

Discussion in 'General' started by beww, Sep 18, 2007.

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  2. John Kerry should have throw his purple hearts at the popo, impaling their beating hearts and eventually killing them.
  3. America is in desperate need of a house of commons.

    .... only the Canadian and British members will know what I mean by that...

  4. Mounties? Like Dudley Do Right?
  5. . . . . yes. . . precisely . . . :rolleyes:
  6. i live in gainesville and a friend of mine was there, he called me laughing his ass off saying he just saw somebody get tasered, not that i find that funny but yea those cops are gonna raped in court, the guy is begging them not to tase him

    really surpised to this on GC already tho
  7. It's funny because those cops just lost their jobs, and they're getting sued.
  8. haha yeah that it is pretty funny

    edit: o and rasta, I was just reading up on the British house of commons, and I agree with you.
  9. I watched that a couple hours ago on digg and it just made me so glad that I didn't vote for Kerry! (didn't vote for anyone, I would have voted a hamster for president over Kerry or Bush).

    That kid should sue the shit out of every single one of those rent-a-cops and I'd even try and get some money out of Kerry... bitch doesn't deserve to even run for president.
  10. LOL! The camera Man yelled "RODNEY KING!" , thats mad funny. Come on now, rodney king deserved that shit..

    That was crazy though, he really didn't do anything besides express his mind in a open forum, welcome to Unites States of Communism, you disagree or say the wrong thing, you will be kidnapped by people who don't even exist.

    He sounded like a little bitch screaming for help though, was he that scared of booking?

  11. Help! Help! I'm being repressed!
  12. fuck no he was scared of gettin tazed
  13. Now, those are cops I can hate. People who abuse their power should get twice what theyve done to others back to them.

    So, hang them upside naked and stun gun them for... I dunno, 30 minutes?

    And the administration? Haha, use your imagination!
  14. whoaaaaaaaaaa!!!! i'm high as FUCK. there is NO WAY THAT IS REAL RIGHT!? This is an OUTRAGE!!! AHHHHHH im so fucking pisssed!

    THis can't be real. Why is the video so terrible>? is it from a phone!?
  15. They should all be thrown in jail
  16. those cops are fucked haha he just straight up tased him when he was already restrained
  17. yeah but he was screaming for help for like 45 seconds before they even said the word tazer.
  18. Fuck those cops.

    Just another day in the life of an avg. American citizen who speaks the truth.
  19. They argue like school children, even your country's leader!

    In Asia and Eastern Europe, they have a habit of fist fighting too. Haha, now THAT is a good way to solve problems.

    I'd love to see Stephen Harper and Stephan Dion duke it out. My money would be on Harper.

    But seriously: there is a real value in a parliamentary system, as opposed to whatever the American congressional system.
  20. Haha, beat me to it! In that position, That's exactly what I'd have been yelling.

    Fuck that shit, dude. If I was being arrested when I had done nothing wrong, I'd be throwing the biggest fucking fit the world has yet known.

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