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  2. That's nice. How old are you guys?
  3. She's definetely showing interest. Try not to worry about if she's into you or not. Just go with it. Go to a movie or since she said you're easy to talk to just go out to eat maybe

  4. We are both 18
  5. so, small town. friendly texts. says yes to hang out? sounds like she hates you
  6. Send her dick pics.
  7. Smoke her up and get her drunk

  8. Not an option at this point sadly
  9. I'm confused as to why guys on here have such a hard time figuring out if a girl likes them or not. This one is pretty strait forward...

    " you're very very nice [Smilie] and quite funny. Talking to you is really easy which I like [Smilie] "

    She obviously hates you, and doesn't enjoy talking to you...

    For real though, she wants to hang out...and talking with you is really for her. What else more does she have to say for you to get the hint? "Let's fuck..."?

    I'd take her to a movie, and then maybe go back to your place and make some food together. Cooking can always be fun and can turn sexual at any moment... ;)

  10. Thanks man haha from a stoner to a stoner i appreciate your input
  11. Yeah just take her out for a nice dinner and a movie.
  12. just hit that?
  13. What do I do after I bring her over to my house?
  14. Talk to her? :confused:

  15. Spit on her asshole and jam it in.
  16. Just talk to her & see where her head is it. Tell her how you feel & if the feeling is mutual, go in for a kiss.. Be yourself

  17. For fucks sake dude. Is this your first time ever talking to a girl? Sit down and watch something and talk to her. Get to know her more.

  18. I know right, like if I didn't know better or trust the OP like I do, I might think I was talking to a say...15? year old?
  19. guys the last question about what to do wasnt serious but thanks for all the responses anyways haha
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    God, I'm just laughing all over the sex,love,relationship threads tonight. great time. straight up peeling over from cracking up.

    OP: make dessert dude. seriously it's got me laid more times I can count on one hand. always have ice cream in the freezer and toppings. Make yours different than hers, tell her to try yours, ask if you can try hers.

    boom, making out, boom boom boom you get the picture. It's seriously the only time I eat ice cream hahaha.

    also that's totally just a suggestion. most things that I plan never happen that way... though the dessert thing is nice to fall back on if your other methods aren't going well ya dig?

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