U.S. May Sanction India Over Level of Iran-Oil Imports

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    U.S. May Sanction India Over Level of Iran-Oil Imports - Bloomberg

    China and India are Iran's number 1 and 2 buyer of their oil, and both countries rely on said oil to support their economies. Take that oil away and their economies will suffer greatly, and everyone will be affected.

    So here we go again, the US doing a great job of pissing the world off with their terrible foreign policies. WWIII could be around the corner.

    In related news,

    Swift to Cut Ties With Iran Banks After EU Ban - WSJ.com

  2. Hmmm... Too much oil being traded or too much oil for gold being traded?
  3. Threatening to sanction the 2 most populated countries on Earth?? Wow what a great plan! ...
  4. Ok...

    So our sovereign nation passed a law... banning other sovereign nations from trading with whom they want.


  5. I remember reading an article about India starting to buy oil with gold a month or so ago. I showed it to my Indian friend and his first response was, "Shit, I guess India is about to develop a case of American democracy".

    If India decides to ignore the potential sanctions, I wouldn't be surprised if we suddenly found some brand new terrorists there that are trying to get a nuke.

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