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U.S. Customs...Tough Choice...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ArtesiaBuds, Jun 28, 2004.

  1. I'll be leaving threw LAX and i will stop in Boston, Mass from there i go to the Azores but here is my cousin asked me for a pipe to smoke hash and tobacco out of so i got him one. I was wondering if the people in the airport will give me problems because of the pipe, it has no resin on it, its completely new but will they pull that "drug paranailia" stuff on me? should i take it or not?

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  2. I'd take it and put it in a box (make it look like a gift, so there is no question about it). Also, offer to keep it in the storage area under the plane. Don't carry it on board.
  3. if you go and you're completely clean, take a bunch of pipe tobacco. Then tell them that you're taking all of that shit as a present. tobacco pipe and tobacco should make it clear that you're fine.
  4. Well thats not exactly a tobacco pipe.....more a marijuana one than anything
  5. just load tobacco in it when it's being flown over. it's crazy, man.
  6. those customs guys can be real assholes sometimes
  7. But i heard that if you have a metal or glass pipe that it is automatically considered drug paranalia, with or without resin...but i don't know if that is true...ex-cop told me that.
  8. im 99 percent sure putting it into a box will not help you out, especially when youre going to logan where the WTC planes flew out of.

    just stick it in your bag. they probably arent going to bust your balls over a little pipe.
  9. put it in your bag that will be in the bottom of the plane..........i got a way with a bunch of stuff......however they didnt check my bags once the whole trip....kinda should be fine tho.......
  10. Wrap it as a gift, and if like dicks, they open it, make sure you have a bag of pipe tobacco in there, to make them think it's a tobacco pipe. If, after all taht, you think they'll give you bullshit, try to get some tobacco resin ( i don't even know if tobacco resinates like that, i don't even know if resinate is a word) in the bowl, so if they might think its for pot, they can check the resin. Plus, if you do all this, when you get there and tell your friend how you almost got caught, he might give you a little something as a bonus for takin the heat. But what do i know, i've never tried to do that before, and i'm really high right now. so........
  11. If you don't want to bring it on the plane, send it through the mail.
  12. I heard somewhere that the only thing mail companies like greyhound dont check is shampoo bottles. little tidbit for ya

  13. Aren't they a bus company? And what do all the other companies do to check shampoo?
  14. dont put it in a god damn box

    you know what people hide in boxes? bombs

    dont put shit into a box, they will more than likely check it to make sure its not a bomb. if you leave it out, if they look at it theyll probably wont make a big deal of it, but a box makes it look like your hiding something.
  15. ^^ for real. i fly out of LAX every now and then. if you have a wrapped gift, they make you unwrap the gift and show them what's inside. it's a real pain when you're flyin out somewhere for the holidays. i know people it's happened to and it was a big ass ordeal on the news. you'll be fine. there's nothing illeagle about the situation at all

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