U.s. And Canada Become Uno.

Discussion in 'General' started by ch33r10zzz, May 24, 2013.

  1. The Us and Canada should combine and make one country/ continent. Think about it.

  2. It would have to be The US, Canada, and central America to make us all one continent.
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  3. No thanks. 
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  4. No, thats a horrible idea
  5. Never. Texas would ceced from the Union before that. 
  6. Care to explain why? 
  7. Because tinfoil hat and NWO.... Thats why I wouldn't support it.[​IMG]
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  8. Im pretty sure thats gonna happen if aliens ever decide to invade Earth like the internet said they would..we gotta unite to hold a defense, its the only way!...its all part of the Illuminati's Agenda and New World Order. Trust me its true. Hah
  9. well, then i'll be waiting with my hunting implements.
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  10. They're going to take away all weapons or any means of defense.
  11. My reasons:
    We both speak the same language
    We both have similar biomes, seeing as we are on the same continent.
    We share sports leagues, like MLS and NHL.
    We're basically like two siblings that won't talk to each other for no good reason.
    My question is, why are we even separated? Like what are the blaring reasons that the US and Canada dont belong together
  12. I don't see it as a matter of them or us. We would combine completely.
  13. Too many dogmatic/ critical individuals out there. No offense.
    An open mind allows for progress. Obviously though, being too openminded can lead  to negative progress
  14. No thanks, I like my country how it is. That would be a total disaster for our culture, it would pretty much ruin our amazing land and free space.
  15. Man ain't nobody allying with the Canadians
  16. I u
    You enjoy the corrupt and incompetent government? The US is packed compared to Canada. We have 300million people in less space.
    Canada has 35million people in more space.
  17. Honestly I think the U.S. would fuck up Canada. The U.S. already fucks up everything it touches. 
  18. Im thinking more of a total mesh. We could be a great and prosperous continent.
  19. Heres the thing though!
    Up until this extremely recent revelation  i loathed canada. for no apparent reason. simply for being canada.
  20. Somone needs to give good hard evidence as to why these two countries are better apart.

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