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u ever have that one "friend" that just makes u feel like ass?

Discussion in 'General' started by jimboob, May 26, 2009.

  1. alright long story short, i've been smoking with this kid who's whole outlook on life is completly wrong. (sounds fucked up, but trust me...). on top of that he judges people horribly and im feelin like its rubbin off on me.... he'll also critique his kno the kinda kid that's so brutally honest that whatever he says about you stays wedged in you mind till you do something about it? try smoking with him and he'll open up even more. this kid can bring the most confident man to tears if he wanted....despite being a fucking socially akward loser himself he still has it in him to bring everyone else down.

    fuck this kid.

    i gata rant...i finally realized its best to be myself, but apparently this kid has a problem with that.

    fuckin need new friends
  2. your gonna need to be more detailed, i really can't say much on so little information
  3. Don't smoke with him.
  4. i think i might be your friend.
  5. okay...well i have a little brother whos a popular kid amoung all the ninth graders, after my friend met him, he'd say stuff like.

    "jimmy your little brother is so fucking cool"

    "jimmy your lil brother gets more pussy then you right?"

    "jimmy you should get your brother to give you lessons"

    its shit like that. my brother is more popular than I was, but i dont think we ever talk about it. hes just my buddy, and i got enough problems in life without having to be reminded of how easy my brother has it.

    and whenever we see a guy or girl thats kinda on the ugly or fat side, he'll say

    "wow thank god i don't look like that. i'd be so depressed if i was fat. that kid probably goes home and sits on the computer all day. i bet he hates his life."

    its sorta like im growing outta my shell, and this kid is reminding me of all my flaws and shit....idk this is more of a rant i dont know if any of this is even legible, im kinda typing in a blind fury right now lol

  6. ...That's what I was thinking.

    I don't mean anything by it, i'm just naturally critical, maybe he is too?:confused_2:
  7. If you are looking for opinions, I have one:). I believe we choose friends as mirrors into our own soul. When you see part of yourself in another person, then you feel comfortable around that person. Sounds to me like you are growing in your journey of finding yourself, and you are no longer needing that person, or his attributes in your life. Before you dump the friendship tho, I would bring this to his attention. Maybe he can grow along with you- or maybe not. Good luck!
  8. Tell this kid to stfu or smack him around a bit, violence always works. On a more serious note, it sounds like he doesn't realize his flaws while pointing out everyone elses. Find his, exploit them and make him understand how much of a piece of shit he is. That, or give him a hefty dose of shrooms and lock him in a room of mirrors...that should do the trick :).

  9. a room of mirrors hahahaha
  10. i guess im that kid kind of, but i just keep it real with my friends. i dont do shit to piss them off i just tell them my mind and i how i feel about shit, mainly cuz my friends talk about each other behind the back, but also to their face when we blaze. were all good friends so we wont get into a fight over it, i think... lol

    sorry for the rant :smoking:
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    I have a group of friends that talk crap . We just sit in a circle and roast each other. If you're comfortable with who you're, it doesn't phase you. If you can't deal with it, stop hanging out with him.
    If he has no positive contributions at all, tell him to fuck off.
  13. yeah i was friends with a kid just like that this year at school. he was short and angry all the time. hated everyone and everything. i kinda ignored him most of the time cause of the dumb shit he would say. i just cant handle so much negativity.

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