Types of Blunts

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  1. anyone know any other types of blunts that can be rolled. I can only roll...
    -Cone Blunts
    -and blunts that you smoke :)
  2. huh?
    welcome to gc.
  3. thanks, good to be on these forums

    um I only know 2 ways to roll a blunt and one is a cone. The other way is the normal way to roll a blunt...

    got anymore ways to roll?
  4. are their any more ways to roll?
  5. i dont think theres that many ways to roll blunts u have alot of ways to roll joints but not blunts
  6. I think the options for rolling a blunt would be rather limited, due to the sensitivity of the tobacco leaf...

    Papes are a lot more durable... and would allow for more variety in style and ways of rolling... I think that blunts lack that.

    I'm sure you can find some creative stuff though, if you look hard enough... or think hard enough. :hello:
  7. I rolled up this during school

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  8. sick, school looks like fun
  9. My anti-virus went crazy after looking at those guides......

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    anyone else or just me?
  10. regular

    cone bunts

    inside out blunts

    thats about all i can think of
  11. inside out? share please
  12. my anti virus went off too. Wtf..
  13. they are links to a webpage, not virus's
  14. Well, obviously......
  15. You could take a ciggar and hollow it out by pam rolling it into a trey or trash can then leave a little tabbaco at the end for a plug, then pack sum herb carfully into the ciggar get a pen or stick to push and pack it tight slower and a little at a time makes it burn better then if u ran outa herb cut and seal the end wet and shape it so no weed falls out an it might do sum good to start it with sum ash to help seal the end if by chance u couldnt get it to seal. White owls for alot of herb, swiser sweets for a small one, and w.e u got works just sum suggestions man. Welp how this helps a little. Also rolling takes pratice the more you do the better you will get. Ive also rolled them as ciggrate shape and turned out real good just fold the ends with a pen or somthing round. any qestions just ask and dont mind my spelling. Peace.:smoke:


    P.S. If u got a ciggar with card board in it take that crap outa there, freak it ;).
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    mmm dutch masters :smoke: <3

    which if you dont know... its a cigar..AKA: a real blunt
  17. Ok check it out....

    "Split" it: Thats when you just split that bitch down the middle, gut it, you know the drill

    "Sweet Leaf" it: Great on a honey dutch. This is where you CAREFULLY peel off the sweet leaf thats wrapped around the cigar. then, split it like normal, then roll the leaf back on. Its a little more to it than that, but you get the idea.

    Packing a Black & Mild: Great for the benefits of a blunt, but it looks far more straight in public, is more efficient with weed, and lets you put it out whenever you want to. THis is where you "roll" out the tobacco from the B&M, then with finely ground up weed, pack bud in there with a pencil eraser or something.

    "Revolutionary" Blunt: This is a pretty tricky way to roll a blunt using pretty much only the sweet leaf. Dont ask me... youtube it.
  18. Swissherrrr sweets grape
  19. There's the multi paper blunt, which is when you stick 2 or more blunt wraps togather to accomidate more weed. These things can get thick.

    Then I knew this dude named Crispi-X who rolled a blunt inside of another blunt! It was like a regular sized blunt with one type of weed that was surrounded by a multipaper blunt with another type of weed. Don't think it made a differance but the front view of it looked pretty cool and he had the weed to waste since he grew.

    You know what would be dank is a skinny blount that was sticking out of the tip of a fat blount. Where the skinny was sativa and the phattie was indica so it burned down like a timer from uppity to stoned:smoking:

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