Type or marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by parker123, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Can anyone tell me what kind of marijuana this is?
  2. It's Leafster Og, 17.2% THC, 0.12% CBD. It was harvested on February 28, 2016 at 7:13am.
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  3. type or marijuana eh?...

    ...deffnitly type not marijuana
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  4. That's the type of marijuana that's only good for making edibles. You don't want to smoke that, OP. It'll be too smokey and a little dry. Crumble it over a brownie and eat it. You'll be blazed as fuck in 45 minutes, no waiting.
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  5. That is a leafy marijuana. You should really go to another dispensary. At least find one that tests their products.
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  6. Would it be better to make it with it inside the brownies or crumbling it on top?
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  7. I wouldn't smoke that and definitely don't buy it again
  8. Whichever you'd like. I don't think it's going to get you high though. Hope you didn't spend too much on it.
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  9. I thought leafster OG was 18% thc
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  10. That is correct however, the grower harvested a bit early before peak trichome production. :poop:
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  11. I wonder if the OP is a hand model. Those beautiful fingers could generate millions of dollars to the home shopping network.
  12. looks like old weed that someone found in their basement left over from the 60s.
  13. ^ I could see that material in a anti pot commercial.

    The devil's letuce let's out the devil from with in
  14. There's almost no way to tell the strain from that small nug. A bigger nug with better lighting where we can see the hair colors/bud structure etc.. Would make it a lot easier.

    However, I don't see why you shouldn't smoke that. Even if it ends up being bad quality, you already bought it, so might as well try. It's leafy, but I can see a decent amount of trichomes. If it's dry, then it'll be harsher, but that's about it I think. It might not be top shelf but it's definetely smokable, a lot better than some stuff I've smoked.

    I even smoked this stuff..


    And yours is A LOT better quality than that. I can't see any crystals on mine and it was extremely dark green in person and very crispy/hard.
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  15. this vato so green he'd a got high there swami salami
    alas when did WE all become a buncha pot snobs :wave:
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  16. It's the kind that is scissor resistant.

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