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  1. what kinda water do you guys use bottle water?do u boil your water ?tap water ? what work best
  2. Depends where you are but i use water straight out my tap man never had a ph problem has stayed between 6 and 7 my entire grow
  3. I personally use the gallon jugs of water you get at the grocery store for like 99cents
  4. Dude i gotta say you have the dopest name, thats a code of conduct bro hahah. But as for watering.. idk if anyone else does it but ill take a empty bottle, put some fruit 2.0 wwater in there, since it has high levels of potassium and vitamens, the kind that has nothing but water and vitamens, no sugars. THen ill add tiny bits of milk to it thus filling the rest with tap water. It sound weird but ive had great results with it.

    I usually add enough to get a drip from the bottom, then let it sit the day, next day flush it with clean tap and let it drip dry.

    If your looking for a budget-less addition then i suggest trying it'
  5. Everyone's tap water is different, so yours may or may not be OK, may or may not need to be adjusted.

    Bottled water varies a lot as well.

    You really cannot go wrong with filtered water, reverse osmosis is the best filtration process.
  6. water from the tap and let sit for 24 hours in a open bottle
  7. i use tap water as well, just make sure you have a pH meter
  8. I use filtered tap water. Comes out at 6.8 - 7 every single time.
  9. Bottled is fine. Distilled is best, but "purified" is usually just as clean. If you use tap water be sure to leave it out for at least 24 hours to let the chlorine evaporate. I used to use bottles of distilled water on my first grow, but I have a RO filtration system now. If your tap water is below 300 ppm it's generally considered safe, but I'd still get at least a dechlorinating filter for it if you don't get a reverse osmosis system.
  10. My personal choice in this order

    1. Rain Water
    2. RO
    3. Distilled
    4. Tap But I filter it via britta then lets it sit for 24 hours or until I smell no chlorine
  11. The problem with tap water is that a lot of cities are now using chloramine instead of chlorine. Chloramine will not evaporate by letting the water sit out. I use 3 drops of Aquasafe (aquarium water conditioner) per gallon of water. This stuff removes chloramine/chlorine/heavy metals from fresh water for aquariums. 3-5 drops will treat a gallon of water.

  12. could i use that reptile water drops from pet store used to clear pet reptile water? i have a lizard and i have to use it on his water. its called reptisafe
  13. I think so. It's essentially the same as most water conditioners and it's organic. However, it says reptisafe reduces pH...so make sure your pH is proper before watering.
  14. well i have been fine and iv been giving her the same water since she was a clone. no need to change it up now and mess it up
  15. RO water...
  16. nothing will beat r/o water. Tap, doesnt matter if its good or bad you still have salts in it and tho u may not see it, it is still not good for any type of plant. Bottled water is no different, slightly better then tap. Buy a r.o system or just go to a water store and by 5 g for 2 bucks.

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