type 2 diabetes and smoking bud?

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  1. Hey. My father recently has been diagnosed with diabetes.. Just now he was trying to drink a beer and my mom told him not to.. due to his diabetes..

    Now i was just wondering if anyone here is maybe a diabetic and could tell me the effects on them when they smoke bud? how does it effect you?

    I'm thinking i might want to re-introduce my dad in to bud since its not as bad as everyone makes it seem and its something for him to relax on..
  2. light beer is the best alcoholic beverage for diabetics to drink. the reason that ur mom said that was because beer can potentially have a lot of carbohydrates in it, which are what effects diabetics. there is no nutritional value in marijuana so the only affects would be what you ate as a result of smoking.
  3. i hear bud lowers your blood sugar when your stoned, which is why you crave sweets
  4. Damn, that would explain why I always get cold when I'm high.
  5. what?:confused: I said blood sugar not temperature. haha
  6. You don't get cold when your blood sugar drops?

    WTF knows what's wrong with me then :hide:
  7. low body temperature is a symptom of hypopglycemia
  8. Only happens when I'm high though...When I'm sober I'm fine.
  9. beer is bad for u healthy.. its bad for you more if ur a diabetic.. some one that is drunk cant moniter their own blood sugar level, and its just as hard moniering some one else.. hypoglycimia and some one drunk can present the same signs.. they can be incorhirient, irrational, slurr speech..

    this is not the same case for every person... diffrent people can control their diabeties diffrently.. alcohal can effect people blood level diffrently.. so their are many factor to take account.. also is he taking other over the counter meds in combination with what ever dibaties treatment he has..

    but in my personal expeirce.. diabeties and alcohal cant be good, and approuch with caution .. but lil herbal remedie never seem to hurt any one.. :smoking:

    but also.. if he eaither choice to drink or burn.. he has to watch out for food that can spike his sugar blood level.. when he under the influence under witch ever drug of choice he might eat something that he wouldnt if he was sober.. not something casue by mj can be a side effect.. not gon lie.. we all get the munchies sooner or later.. so depends how bad his diabeties 2 is..

    hope some of this help.. we can never guess how things will turn out, we can just speculate.. :smoking:
  10. Aside from the carbs, it's easy to screw up the diabetes care and monitor your blood sugar when you're wasted.

  11. their is no alcohalic drink that is good for you, espically if ur a diabetic.. alcohal is ethanol.. witch is simplely sugar starh.. witch can be leathel to some one with an Insulin Deficiency disorter, because they cant process that excess sugar, oh might process it too fast and end up with zero sugar in their blood.. beer is empty carbs witch can be fattening.. diabeties and obesity often go together.. so i wouldnt recommand any beers.. but i recommant an earthly plant.. :smoking:
  12. Looks like it may be good for diabetics to consume MJ, here's some reading for you...


    Cannabinoid Reduces Incidence Of Diabetes
    Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoid Reduces Incidence Of Diabetes, Study Says - NORML

    Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy
    Marijuana Compound May Help Stop Diabetic Retinopathy

    Cannabidiol lowers incidence of diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice
    CSA: Cannabis Research - Diabetes

    Anticoagulant Effects of a Cannabis Extract in an Obese Rat Model
    Anticoagulant Effects of a Cannabis Extract in an Obese Rat Model

    Neuroprotective and Blood-Retinal Barrier-Preserving Effects of Cannabidiol
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    The Cannabinergic System as a Target for Anti-inflammatory Therapies
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    Effect of tetrahydrocurcumin on blood glucose, plasma insulin and hepatic key enzymes
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    Getting Eye On Cannabinoids: The Hempire - [cannabis, hemp]

    Marijuana compound could prevent eye damage in diabetics
    Marijuana compound could prevent eye damage in diabetics: The Hempire - [cannabis, britain]

    The synthetic cannabinoid HU-210 attenuates neural damage in diabetic mice
    Diabetes | Evolutionism | Dr. Bob Melamede
    Cannabidiol arrests onset of autoimmune diabetes in NOD mice
    CSA: Cannabis Research - Diabetes
  13. Jesus christ on a bike, what can't this plant do?!?!?!? :smoking:
  14. Guys, if it helps with inflammation and circulation issues, it might prevent erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes.
  15. I don't think there is any scientific evidence to suggest that cannabis reduces blood sugar levels.

    I have seen some evidence suggest how it gives you the 'munchies', it was something like that it fools the 'hunger' pathway. Eating food fills you with sugars and fats and your stomach/intestines send a memo back to your brain saying it's all good down here bro. But apparently weed can get that message lost in transit. Something like that anyway :smoking:
  16. The munchies are pretty easy to get around, too. Just make sure to eat something with protein and fiber before, keep a glass of water handy, and it's a lot easier to deal with.
  17. Diabetes
    Part IV - Treatment with Cannabis
    The medical literature has very few citations in regard to any direct effect of cannabis on blood sugar levels. These citations are sometimes contradictory. Despite the lack of research, a large body of anecdotal evidence is building amongst diabetic sufferers that medical cannabis may help stabilize blood sugar. One suggested method that may be responsible is the reduction in catecholamines and/or stress related hormones (glucocorticoids) that is caused by cannabis.
    Many cannabinoids act primarily to inhibit prostaglandins and COX-2, while providing powerful anti-oxidant properties to salvage free radicals, and inhibit macrophage and TNF. All of this means that cannabis is an excellent anti-inflammatory that lacks the side effects of steroids (which diabetics have to avoid), the NSAIDS, and the COX-2 inhibitors like Vioxx. This anti-inflammatory action may help quell some of the arterial inflammation common in diabetes.
    Cannabis is also neuroprotective. It is believed that much of neuropathy comes from the inflammation of nerves caused by glycoproteins in the blood that deposit in peripheral tissues and trigger an immune response. Cannabis helps protect the nerve covering (myelin sheath) from inflammatory attack. Cannabis also lessens the pain of neuropathy by activating receptors in the body and brain. Some components of cannabis (perhaps cannibidiol) act as anti-spasmodic agents similar to the far more toxic anti-convulsants like Neurontin. This action of cannabis helps relieve diabetic muscle cramps and GI upset.
    Two other major actions of cannabis can benefit the diabetic. The first is helping to keep blood vessels open and improving circulation. Cannabis is a vasodilator and works well to improve blood flow. The second action is how cannabis can reduce blood pressure over time. While cannabis is not generally thought to be an anti-hypertensive and is no replacement for ACE inhibitors, it does contribute to lower blood pressure which is vital in diabetes management.
    Finally, cannabis used in food products not only provides long lasting blood levels of key cannabinoids but, in addition, cannabis butter and oil substitute triple bonded fatty acids for the saturated fats normally contained in these essential cooking products. This substitution will benefit cardiac and arterial health in general.
    Most diabetics learn very early that maintenance of good blood sugar is most easily achieved when patients or their caregivers cook as opposed to eating fast food or prepared foods. Cooking not only provides superior nutrition necessary to treat diabetes but also is a form of physical therapy for diabetic hands that suffer from neuropathy. Of course, diabetics should take caution with any flames or hot objects.
    Cannabis may also be used to make topical creams (mixed with aloe vera and/or emu oil) that can be applied directly to hands and feet affected by neuropathic pain and tingling.
    Night time can be particularly difficult for diabetics. A syndrome known as "restless leg syndrome" (RLS) is common. Cannabis helps still RLS which is otherwise treated with quinine and/or muscle relaxants like Flexaril. For night time it is recommended that patients use a vaporizer or smoked cannabis to aid in falling asleep. If night time hypoglycemia is a problem then a cannabis cookie can be very helpful. Cannabis cookies are great treatment so long as portion control is exercised.

    From here...
    AAMC: Diabetes - Treatment with Cannabis

    Bottom line, we need more research. This needs to be removed from schedule 1 ASAP so that the research can be done.
  18. wow cool info guys. i appreciate the responses.. ill be reading those links tomorrow though. :)

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