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Tx indoor:)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by camjenk, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Sup, loving the indoor I been seeing around north tx recently, thought I'd share some.

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  2. Bring that shit down south Texas make a killing.
  3. holy shit wish i had some of that.
  4. [quote name='"adam1120"']Bring that shit down south Texas make a killing.[/quote]

    I would, just dont know anyone down south. Not really in to dealing, just growin for personal use for me and my friends
  5. Lookin dank bro reppin tx:smoke:
  6. Dammmnnnn!
  7. Muahahah this is what happens when you grow your own
  8. I'm sure those vacuum sealed bags are intended for personal consumption, for texans.
  9. Looks prime man! Id make some oil or hash out of that for sure!! Thanks for sharing, good pics also! + rep!
  10. [quote name='"CDub 2 Trill"']

    I'm sure those vacuum sealed bags are intended for personal consumption, for texans.[/quote]

    Actually I dont sell any, I'm too worried Bout someone wanting my medicine, I'm lucky to have friends who are well off and hand off what I need, the vacuum seals are for transit
  11. why wuld u have a pic up of u in the avatar witt tht much weed!

  12. We from Texas we don't give a fuk!!!
  13. [quote name='"piffpuffN"']why wuld u have a pic up of u in the avatar witt tht much weed![/quote]

    I don't sell, or do anything outside of my safe zone. I have a right to post what I want freely, and nothing is in jeopardy because no one knows me. I can remain anonymous, and will. No one knows where I live, and all those pics weren't even taken where I live. So no matter.
  14. Where are you located up north?? Looks like some damn good buds and you got some nice ass glass too, im jelly. I grow occasionally for personal consumption too, best way to do it hands down. Smoke on my friend.

  15. guys have like the strictest weed laws in the county. lol. Op you gotta be smarter homie, it isn't like you livin in Cali. You don't want that beautiful collection to be in the DEAs hands do you? Just looking out...
  16. Thats why i only post a picture of one nug, my thoughts on all of this is...smoke it quick so they shall never find any, its in my lungs.
  17. Oklahoma is the worst, but yeah fuck Texas laws. A pic doesn't matter, the DEA could easly track someone if they wanted to.

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