two years off, getting back in the swing of things. strain suggestions please

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  1. i have taken a little bit of time off ready to get back in the swing of things. my first grow was a learning process to say the least. the second grow was amazing, i couldn't believe i made this stuff. this time around trying some new things looking for suggestions on strains. the second grow was in a tent with 2 400 watters, temps were great and everything went good without c02 i produced just under a lb. 6 northern lights and a lemon haze. this go around i plan to do about the same things, i am going to use 1 600 watt hps through out the whole grow and i will be supplementing with c02 through the veg and flower. i only want to have 4 plants and i am asking for yalls advice on some high yielding strains. please give me your suggestions and consider the environment i am setting for the plants. i just want to get the most bang for my buck. please include strain and seed company. thanx yous guys.
  2. Same stuff. Things haven't changed much in the last two years.

    Medical patients are big into CBD.

    Indica's are basically the way to go. I'd suggest checking out what TGA Subcool has to offer, as well as Cali Connection.

  3. I got TGAs 3rd Dimension and all turned out male, those were expensive too. Barney s Farm has never had a fail for me. And Kushes are always a big hit, High CBDS yup yup.
  4. I'd do clones to prevent males from being around my other ladies
  5. thanks guys, keep the suggestions comming
  6. How do you plan on growing them? (scrog, lst, hydro,hempy, etc.) Get a better idea if know little more specs. But to just throw one out there, how bout 'The Doctor' just cause I'm curious :D
  7. fox farm soil, im thinking scrog but i have never attempted, little scared of it.
  8. for shits and giggles heres a few pics from my last grow

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  9. what??? you really have to ask??? Kush....its you!!! in a kush form...if your lucky enough to have access that is...
    FYI....Effin GREAT SMOKE...some of the best ive ever had....EVER!

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  10. You sir are a tease did your mother not ever tell you not to bring goodies to class unless you have enough to share?
  11. lol....i was raised by still getting use to human laws and bad

  12. that's me dude! lol

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