Two Weeks From Harvest!

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  1. Getting down to the nitty-gritty! So far 3 plants have been chopped. Another 2 or 3 are ready to get chopped. And another 45 or so will be ready within the next 2 weeks. They're so stinky and dank ❤ mostly Trainwreck, with a handful of Sour Banana x Trainwreck, and 3 Jack Herer volunteers, and 2 Ruthless OG volunteers (the volunteers came up in late spring from seeds that were dropped from last years crop. I used a few males to pollinate several plants last season and I left the pollinated buds on the plants until late November to ensure the seeds were as ripe as they could get. Some of the seeds fell out of the buds and germinated in May of the 2022 season). 20221012_102252.jpg 20221012_102407.jpg 20221012_102213.jpg 20221012_102219.jpg 20221012_102324.jpg 20221012_102206.jpg 20221012_102059.jpg 20221012_102407.jpg
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  2. Verrrrrryyyyyyy veeeerrrrrrryyyyy nice
    :love-m3j::love-m3j: love me some out door
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  3. First 200 grams of the season. 20221013_105656.jpg

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