Two Towers

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Two Towers?

  1. I'm a veritable Hobbit-head

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  2. ya i'll see it its pretty cool

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  3. maybe if i get around to it....

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  4. i swear to god there were three towers last time....

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  5. no... just no... i have no imagination....

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  1. Anyone else can't wait to see it? I'm goin at twelve on the eighteenth... oh god i can't wait stuff like this gives my life meaning... well maybe this and some other things like women and pot and food and pot and women and fantasy and pot... did i mention women and pot? yaup well i just wanted to see if anyof you were into it like me....
  2. Hell yeah i'll be there, read the book and cant wait....taking the day off to out....Sid
  3. I first read The Hobbit when I was 9, and LOTR when I was 11....

    I was hooked straight away, and I read The Silmarillion when I was 14. My favourite author, and being a Tolkien buff is one of my main perks :D

    I saw the Fellowship TWICE on the day it came out, then again a few days later, and then again at new years. I hope to repeat that for The Two Towers.

    I think it's gonna be better, what with Gollum, Helm's Deep and the Ents!!!

  4. I am so excited for this movie to come out, even more so then the first one. I have a bunch of friend that work at the theatre and our plan is to see it, leave and smoke up the just keep watching the battle of helm deep. It will be the shit!
  5. ya its gonna be so sick i cant wait. god the crowds are gonna be crazy but i guess its worth it i also wanna see al those people dressed up... they're funny....

    kidna on the fantasy subject anyone here read Wheel of Time?
    just wondering....
  6. I am in hopeful expectation. =)
  7. im dling it right now
  8. i dont usually read long books away from school but jrr tolkiens hobbit books kick some ass. i read them all in like a week. favorite books of all time
  9. Man read The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Tery Goodkind's The Sword of Truth series. They rock. I love LOTR, but these are definately my favorite series' of books.
  10. I just finished my third read of the silmarillion. Also just read the newest "Wheel of Time" book. Anybody read William Gibson?

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