Two Tiny Sprouts

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  1. image.jpeg Hi. First time grower here. I've got two little sprouts that are well on their way to becoming healthy crops. Or huge disappointments. I guess we'll see. I was hoping to grow them in this perfect spring time weather under the blue sky, outside on my back porch with my herbs and peppers. However I noticed immediately that with the warm weather came more mites than I've been able to fend off. Even using Sevin.5 powder on my nearby veggies doesn't seem to be impeding them even slightly. So, my only choice is to bring the sprouts inside.

    it would be cool if someone could just link a good lamp for my purposes to me from Amazon. I plan on just sticking these two into a closet with some foil for now. Unless someone knows how to purge mite infestations.

    I tried to upload a photo so I hope it worked. The mobile version is kind of derpy. The taller one on the right is some dankety dank. Bubba Kush. The little one on the left is the sweet, sweet Dream Queen.

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  2. I hope thats not a clay pot you have them in, always best for them to have their own pot..?
    add perlite to 20% of volume is good or suffer root compaction issues later

    good luck
  3. My question was about the lamp. But thanks, I guess.
  4. Just looked and bought one that sounded okay. Wanted a personal recommendation from someone, but I hope this will do. Much love to all the helpful people who commented here.


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