Two things I thought of that I was interested in thinking more about.

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  1. I wasn't sure where to put this so hopefully, this is a fine section.

    I was fascinated earlier today when I though about how it seems impossible to think up a brand new color that has never been discovered. Do you really think there is just a set number of colors we are supposed to have? When you really think about it, there is just red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, white, black. Every other color is a shade of these main colors. Do you think there are more colors than just what humans have observed in nature?

    Another thing I actually have thought of for a while is if there is a certain place where outer space just stops. Is it a barrier? A series of blackholes surrounding all of the universe? If it does go on forever, itsn't it interesting to think what could be out there? What is thousands or even millions of light years away there is a whole other universe? People always think of the sun as the place where the universe really begins, but isn't it possible that there is another sun out there somewhere with it's own planets?

    We only know what we see, but it seems we have seen very little compared to what else could be out there.
  2. There are only 3 colors, red, green, blueand 3 pigments magenta, yellow, cyanEvery color is made up of red, green, and blue.But, yes, there are probably colors the human eye can't see. Hell, everything we see isn't actually there it's what our mind and eyes percieve it to be!
  3. What do you think stars are?

    There are 100 billion stars in our galaxy, and there are over a trillion galaxies in the universe. Planets orbiting other stars have been discovered/proven
  4. Here's some interesting food for thought. Bees don't see the 'red end' of our colour spectrum, but they see well into the ultraviolet range. So bees do indeed see colours that we don't and can't see that would be just as natural to them as seeing a blue sky is to us - and we see red, something that bees could never possibly 'imagine' (not a good word, bees don't really 'imagine' anything presumably) seeing.
  5. There are many color spectrums that our eyes are not able to perceive.
    So there are many, many colors the human eye cannot see.
  6. yea i have thought about the color thing before. its kinda crazy
  7. Hahaha

    Light is fucking amazing!
  8. Extremely "fucking amazing"...
    Seeing as everything [yes, EVERYTHING. even your thoughts.] is composed of vibrating "light".
  9. I felt bad when I found out dogs or cats only see shades of grey lol.
  10. Ive thought about both of these things.

    But in response to the universe part: the universe doesnt end in black holes, it's still expanding and actually increasing in the speed it is expanding.
  11. We also now know that black holes don't just suck everything in--they also release massive amounts of energy in spurts. Some say they are like the "processors" of the universe.
  12. I'm sure something out there could see gas or can see colors we can't, we are only one type of species it would be dumb to think otherwise. The difference is we can actually experience and think about it, and realize what time is.
  13. hehe. :p

  14. Also discovered black holes are in the center of EVERY galaxy ( or atleas t the spiral ones, every wonder what they're spiraling around?) Its completly changing the way scientists think now :D
  15. The sun is actually the most common star in our "galaxy."
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    Behold, the electromagnetic spectrum:

    We feel infrared, if that makes you feel any better.

    And you would probably feel microwave too if you were willing to try it out. Trust me, you'll be amazed :p

    You can kinda 'see' UV. Relevant to space discussion, here is a picture of the UV light output of a neighbouring galaxy:


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