Two sick plants, two fine plants?

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  1. 2 - Wappa - These are the sick ones
    2 - Unknown bag seed - these ones are fine

    3 Gallon smart pots with Fox Farms Ocean Forest
    600 Watt MH @ 100% 10 inches from plants
    Temps around 73 day and night.
    Week 3 from seed
    3x3 tent

    The pictures are of two different plants, both Wappa and showing different symptoms. The one with brown spots is getting worse by the hour. It's probably 1/3 worse in about 4 hours. The one with the fading leaves has healthy top growth. I just watered with 6.5 PH water + 1/8 dose of dyna-gro Grow + normal dose of cal/mag. (after I saw the problems) Run off was 6.5. I don't understand how 2 plants can exhibit different symptoms given exactly the same environment and watering schedule not to mention I have 2 healthy bag seed ? Any help is greatly appreciated. This is my 3rd grow, first two were successful but this is the first time with the bigger light.

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  2. So after some research it looks like the one with lightening leaves is a magnesium deficiency, but I'm still unsure about the other one....

    Hopefully the Cal/mag + nutes I gave it will setting her down.. =*(
  3. Any help with the browning one? Over night she doesn't look any worse so I suppose that is good news. Maybe still a cal/mag issue?

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