Two Room Grow Tents

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  1. Anyone ever heard of a two room tent? I want to buy a tent but am not sure how I would partition one off to make two separate light sealed rooms for flower and veg
  2. Yes. The secret jardin dark room twin. There are 2 of them, the DR3T & DR4T.

    Secret Jardin is the higher quality brand vs. other products, at least that I've seen. I have played with 2 different Secret Jardin tents (dark street 2, & 3) and would have to say that they are very nice.

    I currently use a dark street 2 which is light proof, lined with mylar inside, and has socks for ventilation which keep my small 4 plant grow down to 79 degrees Farenheit with a can fan / filter sucking air out through my air cooled hood.

    It's a good tent, the 2 room tent looks like it would do pretty good for a plant that's heavily trained if you stored it in the top space.

  3. I have used just about every tent on the market, and I know of NO TENT which is light proof... Put a bright light on the tent and get inside, you'll be shocked just how much light leak there is on tents...
  4. Well you're right about that. I think it's rated as L1 light proofing, which they say is equal to being outside at night with no moonlight.

    In terms of "light proof", I suppose I mean to say that when you zip the tent up, you're not going to see much for light under your closet door.

    You know?

  5. You never said what dimensions you're dealing with for us to even try to advise you..

    Personally I would just use some Panda Plastic...

    You can get a 10 ft x 25 ft roll for $28...
    Or 10 ft x 50 ft roll for $53 bucks...

    No need to spend hundreds on tents... ;)

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