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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by nyc-smoker, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. i have two question for u guys. first is a 10-15-10 fert ok for a young plant cause im just starting to grow and wanted to know is it ok. second im only growing one plant so i was think of using a incondesent plant spotlight how many watts do u think ill need and what is the best color.
  2. HIGH All, first depends on how "young" the plant is.

    We don't use ferts until at least two weeks after popping up and then it's a very weak solution.

    Best to find Fluorescent lights for your little ones they'll love you more in the long run.

    Edit: 10-15-10 is for flowering you'll need something like 30-20-15
  3. well i dont have much money for lights so that is part of the problem. so does anyone know a OK cheap light and i only need it for one plant. and should i use plant food ?
  4. get some 10-60-10 fertilzer, and incandescent lights arnt worth the 5 cent extra bill, they do nothing really.
    find yourself some cheap 20 bux florous, they'll help tons! even just for one plant!
  5. ok cool but one more thing do florous come in more then one color and if so which is the best and what type should i get, do they come in diferent powers and shit EX: watts. also is there a web site i can buy them at ?
  6. I belive all fluorous are white, not positive tho. I'd go with a white one anyway.

    Try to get the best wattage for the best price, the more watts the better. If its in your spending limit, get the one with most watts, im not positive on a site to buy lights from, search around google or somthin, or maybe someone else here knows.
  7. If you can handle 6 of those you can get some great results indoors, in good soil, with a fan and vent openings, good seeds, 10-60-10 Shultz's Expert Bloom and TLC, diligent pruning and maintain a 2-4 inch distance between the lamps and the top of the plants. Spray-mist water from week 2 through second or third week of flowering or until a week after the males are yanked. A six pack of those (equally spaced) should provide approx 10,000 lumens. If you use them in a 3'x3' area you'll have enough light for about 5 plants. I use a mix of Daylight color, Cool White and Warm or Soft White. They don't get hot, so the soil stays moister longer and won't burn the plants @ 3" away from the leaves. You won't have to try to blow air on the bulbs as some do with their MH's or HPS lamps. They even help keep the smell down due to a lack of excessive heat. I use the clamping type fixtures with the aluminum reflectors. I've had to move the lights often to keep them @ 3" away from the top and eventually, the sides. When I was still spraying my plants during the veg period, I was getting water all over the bulbs and they do not explode or break. Power consumption is much less with CFL's like the one in the link pic you posted. My electric bill increased by a grand total of $60-70 (US) since 11/21/02. There are also spiral Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs at about the same price with the same spec's. If you start with ten plants you might be able to finish with five good females. Maybe 6 or 7. That's what I have done with mine and in 6 weeks I figure I'll be well on my way to packaging 130-160 grams of dried buds.I really like the 42W spiral "Springlamp" (daylight color). I'll post pics before I harvest to show what they can do if you are there for your garden. Grow in peace.

  8. ok well i can get 10-50-10 fert im sure that will be fine and when should i start to give it to my plants.
  9. Well, I'd get them under the lamps right away, as soon as they're in the dirt. Then after they they start stretching out a bit sink the main stalk down a little further or just pile up some soil around them and gently (after water) press the added soil around them so as to bury the stalks down further. Then wait another week and go for fertilizing and water (you be the judge) @ 24 hrs of light for at least 7 more weeks. Worked for me...All w/CFL's...(so far).

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