Two plants are not budding

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  1. I have 6 outdoor plants. Four are showing obvious signs of budding. Two are showing no signs. All were feminized clones so they aren't males. The two that aren't budding are blueberry, mostly indica, The other stains I have are more sativa.

    I'm not seeing any white hairs at all. I've been fertilizing and been on top of watering. These two plants were the most mature clones. In the past, they had some yellow leaves but otherwise they look healthy?

  2. Got any pics, no flower on an outside plant at this time of year hmmmm
  3. Got any pics, no flower on an outside plant at this time of year hmmmm
  4. I'm about to go to sleep because I'm working early tomorrow but I can't post some up later. The other two have significant bud development. These have nothing. I waited patiently but now I'm fairly certain something is not right with them.
  5. Same here. I contributed it to a neighbor flood light that's in direct view of it but i thought it was far enough away. Guess not.
  6. Still no signs of budding. I think these two are a lost cause. Here is a pic. Anyone have any advice?

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  7. With stems that purple you have either temps in the 40's at night or a serious P def.
  8. It's been that purple since it was a tiny clone. That's how I got it. I've been fertilizing once a week. I use two fertilizers. One is a PK boost rich is phosphorus.......

    I've been watching the weather everyday. No temps in the 40s. Lowest was in the low 50's.

    The other four plants starting showing white hairs the first week in August. These two have zero white hairs.

    The two that aren't budding have shown signs of growth this week. Could it still be in veg for some reason? Immaturity?
  9. have you been giving them cal mag?
  10. I've grown a LOT of purple strains and have never seen a stem so solid purple like that.
  11. The other fertilizer has calcium and magnesium.
  12. Here is a picture of them the day I got them.

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  13. So those two plants started to bud a few days ago.

    I'm now thinking it could be a P def. Tips of some of the leaves are slightly purple. What do you guys think?
  14. Def P def. :)

    Sounds like you are running out of good weather so you might want to consider a Plan B for these two plants.
  15. Thanks. I added some PK boost to them today. Any other tips for fixing it?

    Unfortunately, I don't have an option for plan B. Plan B might be to give them to someone. They do seem to be progressing quickly. Maybe I'll get lucky with weather. Should I try to make a homemade greenhouse for them?

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