Two of these colas are not like the others

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  1. Hi!

    One of my plants has two colas with shriveled-up fan leaves, while the rest of the plant looks fine. I panicked and cut off the shriveled ones in case there was something that might spread. Not sure if they are simply ready to harvest, or if there might be an issue like mold or bugs. I looked under a (cheap) microscope and saw a single spider mite, but nothing else crawling around. I also noticed the stem on these two has turned more "woody" than the rest of the plant. I've attached photos of:

    * The removed colas
    * Microscope captures
    * A couple photos of the plant I cut them off of

    Thank you so much for any opinions!

    IGDoPSlRRbWZussQPKflQA.jpg -slEWBZkQsePI3w9XOHWAg.jpg nEguWMBuSJesGays5ZpbVg.jpg 77A8rJI4SKK0ub8dz6ijSw.jpg xTmX7LVgSHOcVyFQ4HaRIg.jpg Kaizup0TQny7VZMNj_yKgA.jpg 0AQcrDQ7Q9aglUqeGHANAg.jpg
  2. Check for caterpillars.
  3. Thank you. I checked the whole plant for caterpillars and didn't find any. Not to say they didn't crawl off! ;)
  4. i dont see any webbing i am thinking they are just getting ready to finish you will be fine now dry those 2 colas properly right away in the dark around 60 degrees and 65% humidity first trim all the leaves off
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    THANK YOU!! You made my day! :) Trimming and hanging now in the dedicated dry room! :)
  6. I completely disagree with sosogrow.........they aren't getting ready to finish like he claimed.
    There is something definitely wrong with those two colas........some type of rot.
    I would not consume it in any way.
  7. bottom halves are definitely rotted - Smoke it if you want, but you'll be coughing without question. Depending on your locale - you won't be able to see the caterpillars until after the bud has been cut and they crawl out....

    im my area they are 1/8 of an inch or smaller...width of large grain of sand.
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  8. Thank you! I noticed when I was trimming that the buds on the bottom didn't look as good so I cut those off. And good to know about the caterpillar size! I was looking for something much larger! lol
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