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  1. My baby is 7 weeks old and now about 21 inches tall. I switched to a 12-12 light schedule a week ago but I haven't really seen much change since then. How long does it take to start seeing some flowers grow? She is a indica strain, Sensi Skunk to be exact. I also bumped up the nutes by adding a 3-7-6 formula.

    My second question is I'm worried about some splatter marks on some of the leaves. The leaves are nice and green but there are some light green splotch marks like paint got dripped on them or something. I've been trying to find a diagnosis online but haven't really found much luck. I'll put up some pics in a little while it won't let me add them right now.
  2. It can take up to two weeks to preflower. Extra Potassium speeds up this process. When given a strong dose of extra K at the same time as switching to 12/12, preflowers can show in as little as three days.

    Make sure there are no light leaks.

    You'll have to post pics of the leaf marks for a diagnosis.
  3. Wow I really am a noob. I was looking in the wrong spots for the pre-flowers. I was looking at the stipules thinking they were the pistols and I was expecting them to grow flowers. After looking online for some time I realized how noobish I was. The good news is that its is already showing some pre-flowers and the even better news is that despite the fact that I was mistaking the stipules for pistols it turns I wasn't wrong about it being female (whew).

    As for the spots on the leaves I got some better pictures so hopefully someone will be able to help me out so I can fix the problem. There's only about 5 leaves that have these spots and it's mostly older leaves. The leaves are still green and the spots that are showing up aren't yellow, they're more of a light green color... Here's the pics.



  4. Have you tried washing the spots off? After that, I'd try some extra P & Ca like a Bone Meal tea.

    The drooping looks like a watering problem.

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