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Two Lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hazey Garden, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. At the same time, would it blow my brains out or give me cancer? (bong, pipe, etc)
  2. Uh... Why would you want to do this? o_o Sounds like a waste of ganja to me.

    Wouldn't do anything 'cept light your shit on fire, aha.
  3. Maybe he wants to smoke two joints or something at the same time? I don't know sounds pretty dumb though lol
  4. 4 lighters nikka

  5. More flame more burn more smoke. hit a bowl like a one hitter, that'd be mad
  6. This is pointless

  7. It seems like you're the only person here that understands this, lol.
  8. Go 4 it. Suck on that tane
  9. Well I mean... I don't really see the point seeing as it wouldn't increase the burned herb by too much, and honestly if you take bigger hits then there are less cannabinoids getting surface time with your lung tissue, which is why I prefer to take medium sized hits. I mean, they're fat hits but not torch the bowl in one hit hits ya naw? :smoke: But hey man try it out, i'd love to see if it does something exceptionally boneriffic for you.

    And no it won't increase any harmful effects from the lighters, well it will but to an infinitesimal degree. Happy toking blade :smoke:
  10. I just use my lighter leash
  11. Ive done it, and its nothing special. Except your gonna burn all of the bud in 1 hit, and most likely cough and feel like you wasted bud.
  12. naw mang just take 2 lighters to a fat bong bowl and you'll be coughing ur ass off :D
  13. Thank you man I will try and show the nay sayers!

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