Two Laptop Choices

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  1. Okay guys looking for blades educated opinions between these two laptops.

    Operations it will be used for.
    -Web Browsing
    - Excel & Word
    - Writing code

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  2. Either will do the job, but the samsung appears to be better, imo.
    They are both nearly the same price, but the processor of the samsung is an i5. I personally would always go with intel over AMD, but thats just me. Without knowing the capabilities of both, i'd assume they are pretty similar.
    The samsung comes with an integrated processor the HD 4000, which is also not bad at all as far as integrated graphics go.
    Neither have an optical drive just so you know though. So you'd have to buy an external drive if you wanted to load any programs on that were on disc.
  3. Yeah I was leaning towards the samsung but I have never used a computer by samsung. Optical drive is no problem. Thanks for the reply man.

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