Two great stash spots....

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  1. my brothers basically showed me everything from types of weed to things to eat baked. i really have two spots i use. for long term things like when i go on vacation or am just holding something i unscrew the wall out let plate (silver or gold) and put everything in there. plenty of room and no way any parent is gunna look in there. and smell no issue idk why maybe dry wall. and the one is for when you got the goood shit haha unscrew a deo stick after most of it is gone and pop you bud lighter and peice in there, both full proof. haha and i thought of both when i was back from smoking all day. it brings out my cleverness I swear

    Let me here your spots!
  2. the wall thing sounds awesome! ....i use my piano
  3. I've tried the deodorant thing, and my bud started to smell like it... So I stopped. But the wall idea is a good one. It's also a good idea to put it in the back of a speaker.
  4. with jesus
  5. just tried to see if i could go into my outlet, i electricuted my self >.>
  6. A tiny cologne bottle that has a cover piece. To the untrained eye, it looks like a simple cologne spray, but inside contains my stash. lol .

  7. :rolleyes: ohhhh. have a toke deary.
  8. They are your ass and your mouth.... if your going to try both you should start with your mouth, but sometimes the right situation calls for vice versa.
  9. I have a older vcr i use, i opened it up and took everything out of it, the top slides on and off like it was made for hiding shit but you gotta do it just right. I keep everything personal and illegal in there, there is a lot of space and NOBODY has thought of it that i know or nobody has even had a clue that i have my shit in there unless i tell them.
  10. when i lived at home, in my basement i had those tiles on the celing, the ones that most schools use, i stashed everything up there, and if i got scketched i just moved from one tile to the other. It was legit.

    The one i use now,
    My ps3 has alittle compartman that has all the card readers, i can fit a quarter oz in there, but i dont recomend you play and leave it in there, it gets a little musky.

    Sony is legit, the ps2 had a big stash spot and now the ps3 has one, they make stoners happy.
  11. dudeee straight up thought i was the only one who did that. the ps2 had that online thing in the back, and i didnt have one so stash spot! same with my ps3
  12. In my guitar--double sided tape does the trick. Don't want someone else pickin up the guitar with anything loose inside...

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