Two Full Decades of Life!

Discussion in 'General' started by redchrons, May 27, 2010.

  1. And they haven't been great.

    But hey I'm not going to get sad, I am a human being, not a fucked spider that got crushed by some bitch's shoe right?

    Life is hard but its good once you figure it out a bit. There are some loop holes.

    Weed is the best loop hole. You get away from life, with little repercussions to social function and health, and you feel fucking great. Its the best, it really is.

    Well, thanks GC. To those of you who like my posts, to those of you who are surprised I have full rep and have never "heard" of me (I'm no DirtyPete I admit). But hey, I'm 20. Drunk. Smoking a cigarette. Not a bad birthday all in all. The Doors are playing, fucking brilliant band.

    Cheers guys. And yes it is 8 minutes away, oddly enough I was born like 5 minutes after midnight (accounting for time zones, I was born in Ukraine).

    Hope ya'll are high, coked up, trippin, drunk, whatever you love. :smoking:(no drunk smiley sadly lol)
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. All that matters is whether you have a girlfriend or not. Shit life.
  4. good attitude. happy birthday!
  5. Happy Birthday Holmes.
  6. just turned 20 myself on the 25th happy bday to us both. Spent mine with my girlfriend and man she is a sweetheart :D.

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