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Discussion in 'General' started by BP to the DP, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. So a few days ago I found out people actually fight over twitter... Have I been living under a rock or is this uncommon? When I find out this happens, i looked at the person talking to me and said that is the most retarded shit I've ever heard of. I'm so glad i don't have a twitter.
  2. Happens all the time between "famous" peoples. Mostly rapper. It's hilarious.
  3. I haven't seen fights on Twitter, but the only reason is to read the posts of my favorite stoners and intellectuals who are much too rational to fight over Twitter.
  4. I made a twitter account..... Realized it was retarded a day later and deleted it.
  5. we used to have "bangin on wax" now it's "bangin on the net"
  6. I'm amazed at how popular twitter became.

    so stupid
  7. I got a twitter account recently and I still dont understand its purpose, its a good way to stalk your favorite musicians and actors, but I'll never reply or retweet, they have enough psycho's that do that for them. Although I find it amusing when people fight on facebook, the trailor-trash-junkie-slut drama makes me feel good about myself.

    I got in an argument once during the canadian winter olympics and someone posted about the looting and protest/riots in Vancouver, and I asked "what are they even protesting?" someone posted something about homeless people (since no articles are written explaining what their deal was), then I posted something along the lines of "oh thats stupid" then they got all defensive saying I dont deserve to have an opinion about the matter cause I didnt know what it was about no more than an hour ago. What can I say, Im a fast learner and hippies arent going to like my opinion half the time :)

  8. you forget the hash tag.


    haha twitter is so whack
  9. How is twitter stupid? I follow mostly athletes and rappers but some of my friends oh and parody accounts those are funny.
  10. Honest.. Had one for less then a week. All set. More drama then FB.. That's hard to do.. Well. I don't really have drama on fb.. I kinda have deleted everyone dramaish in that error..
  11. I have had a twitter since 2010 and love it, but I guess to each his own.

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