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Twitching like mad?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LUTE, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. I got pretty blazed last night, but for some reason was twitching like crazy! Seriously, I couldn't stop twitching and had to lie down; I've smoked loads more before and smoked plenty of times now, but have never twitched this much - it was almost at the point of shaking. I didn't feel sick either, slightly dizzy but just indica stoned. Anyone else twitch like mad haha? :smoke:
  2. I do sometimes i go to move my head or arms or summat bt i jst move them too far or jst twitch its funny sometimes watchin urself twitch bt other times its jst annoyin
  3. yea man. last night me and my friend got blasted in my car while in the parking lot of the movie theaters. While we were walking to get our tickets, my legs kept jerking in random directions. i was actually forced to walk with a gangsta lean. lol. a cane would've been nice.
  4. yeah sometimes if im blazing my legs will start to twitch slightly. its really kinda funny. it dosent happen as much anymore tho
  5. Yeh it was funny at the start, I was like 'lolwut', but then it got kinda annoying. Ah well, I'm getting blazed again tonight so I'll see how it goes. :smoke:
  6. Yeah I twitch quite a lot when I'm baked, it's worse when you're out in the cold and you're shivering as well as twitching, makes me look like a mad man.
  7. Ah yes! I had the window open and it was freezing outside, that'll be it haha :hello:
  8. I used to get the shakes very badly when I first started smoking, it soon passed though and I never get it now.
  9. It is fun when i start

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